5 stores you can’t miss in Austin

5 stores you can't miss in Austin

I already told you in another post here on the site how much Austin is a different and strange city. And “strange”, in this case, has no pejorative meaning, because the residents themselves like to be called that. Austin’s motto, which is Keep Austin Weird, already encourages people to believe that Austin is and will continue to be weird.
Austin’s unusual atmosphere is reflected in the city’s stores. I made a list with some of the ones that I find most interesting, among them some very curious and others that sell more common articles. You can be sure that through these places you will be able to capture some of the essence of the city.

Unusual objects

5 stores you can't miss in Austin

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Uncommon Objects is the type of store that is practically impossible to find elsewhere. That’s because it brings together objects of all kinds, some of them very bizarre and most of them super old. While the place is a store, I would also consider it as a museum, because there are pieces from many years ago.
All goods have a vintage style and you will see a little of everything, as I said. In one part of the store you will find kitchen utensils, in another you will find clothes, many other objects with strange characteristics, such as stuffed animals, super old dolls and paintings.
Address: 1602 Fortview Rd

Large candy store

5 stores you can't miss in Austin

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Anyone who likes sweets cannot stop by the Big Top! The variety of sweets they sell is huge and the style of the store is super retro. You will feel in the past picking candies from old machines and getting to know a little about America’s goodies.
As we don’t know much about the sweets that were common there, we don’t understand even half the charm of the store. Still, it is a place worth going to, because things taste like childhood and you can also taste products that you’ve never eaten before. In addition, it is a great dessert option for those who want something different and curious.
Address: 1706 S Congress Ave

Waterloo Records

5 stores you can't miss in Austin

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This place is a must for music lovers! Waterloo Records sells everything from vinyls to CDs and blu-rays. Some of them have already been used and others are brand new, and the variety of musical genres is enormous – both for the goods and for the store staff.
The atmosphere of the store is very vintage and the cool thing about it is that you find very old things. Ah, in addition to all this, the venue is also used by guest artists for live performances. Everything in the store exudes music and it is practically impossible not to like this place, as there are items for all musical tastes.
Address: 600 N Lamar Blvd

Toy Joy

5 stores you can't miss in Austin

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I always find toy stores charming, especially when they sell products with an older face. Toy Joy has a more vintage style, but what fascinates me most about it are the peculiarities of the toys.
The products in the store are very exotic and different, instigating the curiosity of both children and adults. If you want to enter a world apart and spend time in the universe of fun, stop by the store.
Address: 403 W 2nd St

Allens Boots

5 stores you can't miss in Austin

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I’ve never seen so many boots in one place, I swear! I confess that after entering here I saw that I understand practically nothing about the boots models, but the sellers are very helpful and answer all your questions. I ended up not buying any boots, but I bought typical Texas hats – that very cowboy style, which are also sold in the store.
I highly recommend that you go there, especially to learn a little more about the culture of both the city and the state. A very interesting fact about the store is that they have one of the largest collections of boots in Texas, meaning they really have boots for all tastes!
Those are the most characteristic stores in Austin in my opinion. Although not all are strange and exotic, I believe that they convey the main characteristics of the city well. If you want to know more about the region, just watch our vlogs ?

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