5 stores you need to know in Miami

5 stores you need to know in Miami

When we think about traveling to Miami, one thing automatically comes to mind: shopping. Many like to go to this destination in order to spend the whole day in outlets, which is also wonderful. However, in this city there are other stores that you will find items as well different conventional ones!
From decoration to clothes and accessories, there is everything in these stores that I visited and separated to show you. And what called me the most attention is that each of them is only. And I found very different and interesting articles and stories.

The Webster

Shops in MiamiThis store simply has the best curation clothing and accessories famous brands! Seriously, I almost went crazy when I joined Webster and stayed there for a long time?
AN Laure Heriard Dubreuil opened Webster’s first store in 2009in Miami at 1220 Collins Avenue. Since then, the space has had three floors that form a boutique luxury multi-brand, with female and male items.
Shops in Miami
And one thing that draws a lot of attention is that, instead of organizing the store by separating the clothes according to their respective brands, the Laure’s idea was to exhibit the pieces as if it were the wardrobe someone. And in a personal wardrobe the brands mix, regardless of their size.
If I could go on only an store in Miami, I would definitely go! It has a large quantity and variety of pieces from brands such as Chanel, Burberry, Gucci, Balenciaga and among other houses. In fact, there you can find items exclusive that these brands made available only for The Webster. That is, parts and products that you will not find anywhere else.
In addition to the parent company, The Webster has other five units. These are in Bal Harbor, Houston, Costa Mesa, New York and Sawgrass Mills. I didn’t get to visit all of them, but I confess that I stayed with lots of will!


Shops in Miami
AN Simonett is the store of the stylist and creative director Simonett Pereira. For about five years she was called Style Mafia, but in January 2019 the stylist decided to make the space a little more custom signing it with your own name.
The owner has a very good life story interesting, starting with the fact that he was born in Venezuela and moved to the suburb from Miami still in childhood. In high school, Simonett I already liked fashion a lot and used it as a way of communicate and express yourself. It was at this time that a blog with some friends about the findings of thrift store clothing. As time went by, the business started to work, the blog received sponsorships and were called to start a online commerce resale of these second-hand parts. That’s when she realized how much adored sell clothes and how I could style these pieces to market.
Shops in Miami
Nowadays, she does copyright and unique pieces to sell in the store, but still follows the same ideal of going beyond just making clothes. The main objective is always to change people’s life through fashion.


Shops in Miami
This boutique is in Wynwood, the arts district of Miami, and follows the style of the region well. They are known for the collection of pieces modern and unique ranging from stationery items and home decor.
Shops in Miami
The most interesting thing is that most Frangipani items are made handmade and some so 100% sustainable! The parts are high quality and you will find each one is cuter than the other.

Wynwood Store

Shops in Miami
Still for Wynwood, I met another simply amazing store called Wynwood Shop. If you are looking for earrings, this is the place. despite Reamer, I am passionate about earrings and I always try to give little way to use even the biggest ones, as I showed in another post. And I was so impressed with the amount and variety of accessories that they sell there, which could not fail to include the store list!
Shops in Miami
It is also worth mentioning that this is a experimental space designed to receive artists, emerging brands and independent creators. For this reason, the art it is also present on the site, whether from street artists or even graphic designers and illustrators.

Miami twice

Shops in Miami
AN Miami twice has existed since the mid the 80s and it is a totally familiar and traditional company. Open for 34 years, they sell articles vintage since when was vintage really the fashion of the day?
The incredible atmosphere begins with decoration, which does a separate show and already wins you right away. They offer an extensive collection of vintage clothing, jewels, shoes and acessories that are selected according to the design, quality and contemporary usability of the pieces.
For those who like brand handbags, there is a large selection of second hand bags there for a most affordable price. However, it will not be in this store that you will be able to find that super rare bag of a certain brand.
Something very cool is that they are not limited to vintage products. They also sell various clothes and accessories thematic, such as those of carnival. This is the kind of place I would definitely go to when I need to go to a costume party. And something very important is that they too rent some pieces, so super rolls to make this costume production for some party!
Which of these stores did you find the most curious? To learn more about my experience visiting these stores, you can check out my lights on Instagram that are highlighted on my profile as “Miami”. Who has seen there all that I shared there?

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