5 Things No One Tells You About Traveling Alone

5 Things No One Tells You About Traveling Alone

Travel alone it is liberating for many people. However, there are those who are insecure and nervous at the simple thought of knowing another city or country without someone’s company. It doesn’t matter which of these groups you identify with most: experiences like this are unique and super special.
After giving some fundamental tips for those who want to be unaccompanied, let’s tell you some truths about this type of tour. Curious to know?

Cold in the belly

new York

Photo: Bryan Minear

Deciding to fly to a different country or city and without the company of a person who brings you security requires courage. After the defined destination and the tickets purchased, what remains for us is the anxiety for the day of the trip.
What little we hear about is that even the best resolved people in the world continue to feel the chill in their bellies before embarking on adventures like this. Do you know when we are in a very high place and perceive our body having several sensations at the same time? Traveling alone is exactly that, but with this continuous feeling. And that doesn’t necessarily mean something bad!
The chill in the belly expresses our determination to do new things – in addition to being a good reminder that we are leaving our comfort zone.

Self knowledge

new Zealand
The clich√© of self knowledge it is a reality. As much as you don’t notice the changes, they are there and happen throughout the trip. As we spent a lot of time without actually talking to other people, we ended up getting used to our own thoughts. Consequently, spending time with our own company no longer seems like a very lonely idea.
Furthermore, not having someone to accompany you will make the trip look like you. Because, you will put in the script only those places that you really want to visit. Those with a more adventurous soul can even look for new types of tours and activities to explore!



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One of the biggest concerns of every person traveling alone is about security. For this reason, it is important to choose your destination carefully. Taking into account the country’s crime data is essential for you to be more relaxed and confident about your choice.
Some countries that are usually super safe for those traveling alone are Canada, Portugal, Switzerland, Austria and Japan. In addition to the infrastructure of hostels and hotels, these are places with streets that are also safe. However, these are just a few among all the others. Research well and read recommendations about the place you plan to visit.



Photo: Damiano Baschiera

This is a very common question and the answer to it is more obvious than you think. To take pictures of yourself while traveling, just put shame aside and ask for help from the people around.
Most likely, you will be in a place also frequented by other tourists. So be kind and ask gently for a photo! Depending, the person may even ask you to return the favor!
Oh, and the famous selfie stick is also a solution, but the photos all end up looking very similar: /


metro in Russia
As we already mentioned when talking about self-knowledge, traveling alone is synonymous with freedom. You can make a personalized itinerary, just with the places you always dreamed of visiting. Another advantage in this regard is that you can spend as much time as you like on each attraction.
Who likes museums and travels with someone who doesn’t like it so much, for example, always ends up spending less time in the place. So, take advantage of this opportunity and do everything in your time.


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