5 things to do in San Blas
5 things to do in san blas

5 things to do in San Blas

Do you know those paradisiacal islands that we usually see for photos and films? They exist in San Blas, Panama! Those who enjoy more deserted landscapes and greater contact with nature will love to know this region. Everything there is controlled by the Kuna, Indians who live on the islands. The beaches are charming and have a surreal beauty. To take advantage of this incredible piece of the world, I have set aside for you 5 things to do there ?

Knowing the islands

Photo: Great Escape

First of all: try to get to know several islands. Although they look the same, each of them has something that makes them special and differentiates them. The archipelago has more than 360 islands, but less than 50 are inhabited. Among these 50, you can meet several, that is, there are many places to visit, right? For those who want to know the names of some islands, I made a post on the site with the five most incredible islands there!

Sailboat and boat tours

Photo: Travel, see and live

The sailboat, in addition to being a great tour option, is one of the best ways to get to San Blas. The experience of riding a sailboat or boat around the islands is wonderful! You are surrounded by an extremely beautiful turquoise sea with extraordinary landscapes. As this type of tour is guided, you end up knowing even more about the region.
One of the most sought after agencies is the Sailing Life Experience. They offer several boat options, from smaller (for four people) to larger (for approximately 12 people). There is a boat for all tastes!

Kuna Culture

Photo: Vela Helena

As I already told you, it is the Kuna, or Guna, who take care of the island. Their culture is very rich and super interesting, so be sure to take the time to get to know the island’s inhabitants and participate in some activities with them, such as fishing. Ah, the local crafts are beautiful, it’s worth taking a look and buying some souvenir ?

Activities at sea

Photo: Bus 142

The water on the beaches of the islands of San Blas are super clear and very calm, perfect for diving! Snorkeling is one of the most famous activities for tourists and one of the best tours. So, like the boat trip, the dive is guided, as the Kuna try to preserve the islands as much as possible. Don’t leave the region without having done at least one dive, huh?
Ah, you can also go kayaking, or windsurf! Just talk to the residents of each island and ask if they offer this tour option.

Star pool

Photo: Perro Viajante

The Estrellas Pool looks like a lie, I swear! The place is basically a natural pool formed by a sand bank – full of starfish on the bottom. Can you imagine? It is guaranteed fun for both adults and children, who can use some time of the day to get to know the area.
NOTE: do not keep catching the starfish in your hand, much less taking them out of the water, ok? This can harm and even kill these animals!
Enjoying the holidays to do this type of tour is one of the best choices to make, right? I find it hard for someone not to like to visit places as incredible as the San Blas Islands. Do you know more different things to do there? Feel free to comment down here ?

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