5 tightly tied hairstyles to inspire you

5 tightly tied hairstyles to inspire you

We already talked about the winners, the best looks and now it’s time to show the most beautiful hairstyles, in my opinion, from the Golden Globe!
You know I love loose hair, but I think it is super stylish for a hairdo for a more sophisticated party! I selected my 5 favorite hairstyles of the night and noticed that they were all stuck! Look at that:

Alicia Vikander


Alicia entered my list of best looks and the look was wonderful from head to toe! The bun was all twisted since the beginning! I loved this technique, because besides being very easy, it gives a new texture to the hair. This type of hair is perfect for wearing with bigger and more striking jewelry!

Heidi Klum


The bun is very high and a little messy. The way the coke was made is different:

  • Make a high ponytail;
  • “Wrap” the elastic with your own hair and secure with clips (leave it loose);
  • Use the rest of the hair (which is loose in the ponytail) and pin it slightly below the elastic, forming a bun.

I found this a very different hairstyle, but nothing too complex. You can even use it on a daily basis or for a more casual dinner!

Jennifer Lawrence


The actress was also in the post about the best dressed! The hair is simple from the front, but well designed when looked back. I could see that the twisted buns have everything. There are several strands stuck and twisted in different ways. The result is super modern and at the same time minimalist!

Kristen Dunst


Kristen’s look was very bold and asked for cleaner hair. I loved the choice: a very simple bun, the kind you make while you’re at the computer, without looking in the mirror! The difference is that the actress gave more volume at the top! You can use a dry shampoo or shred a little of the strands with a fine comb.
Another tip is to abuse accessories. I loved the clip in the corner!

Rooney Mara


I loved the hair! The look was delicate, but even then the hairstyle was not a classic braid. The actress opted for a high ponytail and a braid across the length of her hair! Looking from this angle you can see that half of the hair was loose and the braid joined the two parts. That way the braid got even longer!
This hairstyle, by the way, reminded me of what I wore at the Martini party! At the event I separated only one strand for the braid, but I was dying to try the whole length!

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