5 Tips for a Compact Summer Suitcase

5 Tips for a Compact Summer Suitcase

One of the most complicated tasks before traveling somewhere is packing your suitcase. After all, deciding the clothes and what accessories to bring can generate a lot of indecision and doubts. In the end, we ended up carrying many unnecessary things that are not used during the trip.
To solve this problem and help the most confused people, I will share with you some essential tips. Because, you don’t need to take your entire wardrobe! Ready to write down the recommendations?

Mini products

5 Tips for a Compact Summer Suitcase

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One of the best ways to save space is to bring a smaller version of your favorite beauty products. Some brands even offer travel kits to make life easier for customers.
If you don’t want to invest in the mini version of these items, buy some smaller jars and pour out as much as you will use throughout the trip. For anyone to forget to bring some essential product in the summer necessaire, take a look at this post. Oh, and don’t take a thousand makeups and different versions of the same item!


5 Tips for a Compact Summer Suitcase
Clothes are the items that most generate anxiety. I understand that it is difficult to select a few pieces to make a small suitcase, but less is more! The most important tip that makes all the difference is to think about the combinations. Also, always choose more tops. The parts closest to our face are the ones that mark the most, so you can vary the bottom parts less.
Invest in lighter items and try to bring more dresses and overalls, which count as one piece. Using a swimsuit as a body is another way to optimize space, so take the opportunity to buy those with more different prints. As for the organization inside the suitcase, try to make rolls with all the clothes. I promise they are not as crumpled as they look ?


5 Tips for a Compact Summer Suitcase
Shoes usually take up a lot of space in our bags, even more than clothes depending on what you choose. Therefore, make a small selection with more wild pieces.
Flat sandals are the face of summer and super versatile. Take a look at the clothes you chose and select more or less three shoes to take, not counting what you will be wearing. That number can be even lower depending on how many days you are going to be away!


5 Tips for a Compact Summer Suitcase
Accessories don’t take up much space, so you don’t need to skimp on them! The only piece that needs to be chosen more carefully is the hat. It is bigger than earrings and necklaces, for example, so just take one or two. Jewelery has the power to transform the look, even those with super basic pieces. With that in mind, pack your favorite accessories that match your clothes.

Waterproof parts

5 Tips for a Compact Summer Suitcase

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Summer is always a time with a stable climate, especially in Brazil. Occasional rain showers are unpredictable, so always carry a waterproof garment or a good raincoat. I know this sounds like a silly tip, but rain can end a ride. So be prepared not to be caught off guard ?
Although they are obvious, many people forget to follow these rules and end up taking more than necessary. To prevent this from happening, try to put into practice all the suggestions on this post, see how they make a difference!

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