5 Tips for a More Comfortable Flight

5 Tips for a More Comfortable Flight

Who there always feels that little chill in the belly when traveling by plane? Floating many feet high creates anxiety in most people. In addition, we tend to be restless with the idea of ​​spending hours in a completely closed transport with little space to move.
Whether you are traveling alone or with a company, some simple changes can improve – and greatly – your flight life. Curious to know some of them? So, here are five essential tips for your trip ?

Wear comfortable clothes

5 Tips for a More Comfortable Flight

Comfortable airport look

Even though it is a basic recommendation, there are those who still make mistakes in the clothes chosen to travel by plane. On shorter trips, the pieces do not interfere so much in comfort. Still, it is best not to take any chances and choose an appropriate look.
Pants more long, for example, are great for the legs not getting so stuck. Also, some seats end up being very tight. a jacket or sweatshirt it is also essential for anyone to be cold. Air conditioning on airplanes is usually very cold! Oh, and those who sit at the window also tend to feel even colder because of the outside temperature.

Stay hydrated

5 Tips for a More Comfortable Flight
It may seem silly, but keep your body hydrated it’s super important to have a most comfortable flight. Try to drink plenty of water before boarding, avoiding that feeling of dryness so uncomfortable.
During the flight, ask the flight attendant to serve you a little water every hour – or as needed. And as much as you love good old coffee, avoid drinking it before and during the journey.

Comfort or business class seat

5 Tips for a More Comfortable Flight
One of the drawbacks of traveling by plane is the comfort of the seats and the space to stretch your legs. If you do not want to spend a lot of money on an executive ticket, evaluate the values ​​of the comfort seat. It stays with the economy class, but it is much more spacious.
Another alternative still little explored by Brazilians is regarding “
upgrade option”. She usually leaves the airline, which offers the client the possibility to bid for the chair in the executive. The rules vary according to each company, so try to find out about the one chosen for your trip. Bid and twist to ensure the most comfortable flight of your life!

General seat choice

5 Tips for a More Comfortable Flight
You have no chance of traveling in the comfort or executive seat? We also have suggestions for you! The choice of seat depends entirely on your personality. If you are anxious and like to get off the plane, give preference to the first seats on the plane.
The window seats are ideal for people who love to sleep or read along the flight. Those who feel easily sick should try their best to stay in the middle of the aircraft. Regarding the back seats, they are less cold and close to the bathroom!

Some essential items

5 Tips for a More Comfortable Flight

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Because it is not a humid space and the air conditioning is very cold, practically everyone who travels by plane complains that their lips are dry. To prevent this from happening, take a good lip balm, reviewing the product whenever necessary. Still in the “pharmacy” category, I recommend that you leave a small bottle of come alcohol.
Other items that make all the difference:
sleep mask and neck pillow. If you usually have trouble sleeping or taking a nap when traveling by plane, I recommend that you invest in these two products. You can be sure that the flight will be more comfortable!
Oh, and if you’re part of the group of people who have low blood pressure, don’t forget to keep one or two
snacks In the purse. Peanuts and cereal bars are usually the best options.

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