5 tips for not getting into trouble while traveling

5 tips for not getting into trouble while traveling

We know that traveling is a delight. I’ve boarded myself again! Now when it comes to health, it’s good to stay tuned. No catching the first flight to a super exotic destination and leaving the next day. There are some essential precautions that we should be concerned with when embarking. I’ll give you 5 basic tips for you who are preparing to travel!



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There is no way to travel without checking if you need to get a specific vaccine (even national trips). Go to your doctor or your travel agency and ask everything about the most common illnesses in the area, if they recommend it or if you need a vaccine. Do this about a month in advance to avoid any risk.

Travel insurance

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We never think about getting sick or twisting our feet in the middle of that super special trip, but unforeseen events happen. Always get some health insurance to travel more smoothly. In addition to avoiding the inconvenience by looking for hospitals and doctors, the bill is much cheaper.

Emergency kit

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You always have to take your basic survival kit. Handled drugs should always be taken with the prescription and packaged in clear plastic. Take them in your carry-on bag (respecting the liquid limit) to avoid the risk of lost luggage. Also don’t forget the basic remedies: for colic, headache, nausea, fever, sore throat, earache … Capsules can go in hand luggage, but liquids need to be dispatched.

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It sounds silly, but it is not! In tropical areas, forests and where there is a lot of green, it is always good to bring (and pass) repellents and clothes that give more protection. Sometimes a disease can be prevented with this detail.


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To avoid problems, prefer to eat in restaurants already known and / or indicated by acquaintances, avoid raw foods and foods very different from the usual. Our bodies can react in different ways – and no one deserves to have that stomach ache in the middle of the ride.

Don’t forget to make this checklist before boarding!

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