5 Tips for the Perfect Carrot Cake

5 Tips for the Perfect Carrot Cake

I imagine that many of you have already failed in the mission of preparing a Carrot Cake Cuddly, right? Although it seems like a simple task, getting the point of the dough ends up being a great victory.
As many people have this difficulty, today we will share some secrets to make the dream of the perfect carrot cake come true. Put the tips into practice and then run here to tell the results ?

Weigh carrots

carrot cake

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If a recipe calls for an exact amount of grams of carrots, respect that determination! One of the main reasons for the cake to become sticky is the excess of carrots. Therefore, weigh the pieces of the vegetable and make sure that you are incorporating the necessary amount for the dough. At our recipe, for example, 270 grams of carrots are needed!

Grind the carrots well

carrot cake
Pieces of carrot are not always welcome in the dough, so mash the ingredient well. To facilitate the work of the blender or processor, add eggs, oil and sugar at this stage. Beat everything until it forms a very homogeneous mixture. Ensuring perfection in this preparation, the chances of your solar cake are greatly reduced.

Don’t forget to preheat the oven!

carrot cake
Another very common mistake that few people are aware of! Oven temperature is essential to ensure uniform baking of your cake. For this reason, it is essential that the oven is preheated, keeping it warm to receive the raw dough. In this way, the yeast will have the ideal conditions to fulfill its role.
Oh, and nothing about opening the oven door all the time, okay? This causes the hot air to escape, helping the middle of your cake to sink.

Sift the dry ingredients

carrot cake
If you want a smooth pasta and without inconvenient “lumps”, just sift the dry ingredients. They usually have slightly larger grains and are difficult to dissolve when mixing all the ingredients. If this preparation time is skipped, it is possible that your dough will become heavier than it should.

Incorporate the ingredients gently

carrot cake
Fluffy pasta requires delicacy. With this in mind, mix the flour and yeast with care and attention. We know that most recipes ask for all ingredients to be taken to the blender – including ours. Although this type of preparation is not wrong, incorporate the flour and yeast with the help of a spatula or

fouet it is a better alternative.


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