5 Tips for Those Who Want to Rent a House or Apartment while Traveling

5 Tips for Those Who Want to Rent a House or Apartment while Traveling

One way for every traveler to save money while traveling is by renting a house, an apartment, or even a single room. As we explained to you in the post about main types of accommodation for travel, rent often ends up being more affordable when compared to hotel prices, for example. In addition, those traveling in pairs or in groups can save even more!
However, not everything is perfect and many people end up having an unpleasant experience when choosing this type of accommodation. To avoid mishaps and not have problems during the trip, you need to take some precautions before closing a deal. With that in mind, we’ve selected seven tips that will make all the difference so you don’t fall into any holes!


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One of the main mistakes of every traveler is not paying attention to the location of the accommodation. For this reason, people end up spending more money on transportation and wasting precious minutes getting to the city center and other sights.
Therefore, always keep an eye on the exact region where the house or apartment you intend to rent is located. See if the subway is close, if there are bus stops in the area and what are the walks that can be done on foot through the neighborhood.

Comments and Photos

5 Tips for Those Who Want to Rent a House or Apartment while Traveling
This seems like an obvious step, but there are still many people who are too lazy to do this practice. Reading reviews and analyzing photos of the place is an essential step to understand whether or not that place is a good choice.
The comments, for example, show the opinion of other travelers who have already visited the place. In addition, they confirm or deny what is presented by the photos. If the environment is dirty and poorly maintained, for example, someone will mention it in the comments. However, this detail will not appear in the photos. So never fail to analyze these two factors.


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Another precaution that everyone should take before renting any accommodation is to read every detail of the ad. Whoever intends to travel with the pet, for example, needs to make sure that the space accepts our four-legged friends. If this is not specified in the description of the place, be sure to contact the host to answer this question.
House rules must also be taken seriously by the traveler. Some hosts do not accept that they smoke, while others put strict hours of check in and Check out. To choose an accommodation that meets all your expectations, write down everything you want in a room or house so you don’t forget anything.


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As much as you are already sure of renting a certain space, talk to the host before booking the place. It is from this contact that you will realize the person’s hospitality, as well as take some doubts about the space and location.
Take advantage of this contact to write down all the necessary information: cell phone host, landline (if you have one) and the exact address of the accommodation. Oh, and be sure to also check out the person who will receive you at the house.

Confirm everything that is included in the package

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Not all hosts offer services like bed linen and towels. With that in mind, confirm with the host which of these amenities you are entitled to. In the kitchen, for example, it is essential to know if the place has the necessary utensils and if you are allowed to use them. The washing machine is another detail that cannot be left out. Think about all these little things and clear up any doubts with the host.
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