5 Tips That Will Make Your Life Easier at the Airport

5 Tips That Will Make Your Life Easier at the Airport

Although traveling is always an exciting experience, the time spent at the airport ends up being tiring, right? For this reason, many people prefer long flights to many connections – or short connections so as not to waste too much time between one route and the other.
As much as these hours inside the airport are associated with exhaustion, some small details can make your life much better. With that in mind, let’s share some very practical and easy-to-follow tips ?

VIP lounges

airport waiting room

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If you want to receive some treats before boarding, bet on VIP rooms airline of your flight. These areas are not usually very crowded and almost always have drinks and snacks.
In case of longer connections, there you will find very comfortable armchairs and sofas to take a nap. It is ideal for those who want to rest, avoid long lines in the bathroom and busy outlets. Despite the money spent, it is money that will not be thrown away.

Priority boarding

luggage inside the plane
Don’t have the patience to spend a few minutes standing in the boarding queue? To get to your seat soon and without having to wait for dozens of other passengers to enter, invest in the ticket with preferential / priority boarding.
You just need to stay connected whether your flight has this option or not. I recommend this tip mainly for those traveling with children, who tend to be more anxious. And keep an eye on your type of bank and card, because some offer this service to customers.

Portable charger and adapter

portable charger

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I know that many of you already do this, but it doesn’t hurt to reinforce the idea. Carrying a portable charger and adapters is essential, especially for those who are the type to spend hours on cell phones!
When the airport is very crowded – which happens mainly in the morning – there are few outlets available for use. After all, everyone wants to stay connected. In addition, there is no point in finding a free outlet and not be the same fit as your charger, right? Therefore, always take at least two adapter models to prevent situations like this from happening.

Little luggage

airport mat
Imagine this scene with me: a person traveling alone, walking through the airport with two huge and heavy suitcases, hand luggage and bags. For sure she will find some difficulty in the middle of the way, either to be able to keep an eye on everything or to get in and out of the airport.
It is normal to exaggerate the amount of clothes and shoes that we take, but sometimes we really need to be careful not to go through any major problems. A simple task like taking the suitcase off the conveyor, for example, can become very complicated. We have already shared with you some

tips on how to pack a functional bag. It is worth taking a look.

Changing clothes in airplane luggage

look at airport
Everyone must have heard at least once in their lives that prevention is better than cure. So, having that saying as a teaching, pay close attention to what we are going to talk about now. Always – but always really – take at least one change clothes in hand luggage.
Let’s go to the whys. First of all, your flight can be canceled – with checked baggage already. In addition, the loss is unfortunately still something that happens frequently and finding the suitcase can take even days. Another reason, not so serious, is the simple desire to change clothes after a very long flight with several connections.
Taking all this into account, I believe that no one here will think twice before separating an outfit to go in the handbag ?
Who already follows these tips? Tell us in the comments here what you usually do to not get so tired because of the airport waiting hours!

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