5 Tips to Avoid the Jet Leg

5 Tips to Avoid the Jet Leg

One of the biggest problems for every traveler is the famous Jet leg. AN feeling tired because of the sudden time change it is super common, especially when the destinations have completely different schedules.
To prevent this from happening, it is possible to create some habits before and during the trip that will make adaptation much easier. Therefore, today we will share with you five tips to avoid (or decrease) the
Jet leg ?

Try to sleep during the flight

5 Tips to Avoid the Jet Leg
In addition to the flight time passing faster, sleeping on the plane is a good way to relax your body and wake up according to the time of your destination. The same goes for connections – from the shortest to the longest.
For those who usually have difficulty sleeping during the flight, I recommend that you have a natural tea before boarding. Oh, and avoid eating chocolate and drinking coffee, for example. Foods like these make us more awake and with little sleep!

Eat according to local time

5 Tips to Avoid the Jet Leg
The day before departure, eat your meals according to the time of your destination. As crazy as that sounds, it is a little push for our brain to get used to. Add a watch with the destination time on your cell phone so you can always keep an eye on what you would be doing if you were there.


5 Tips to Avoid the Jet Leg
Who imagined that sunbathing could be one of the solutions to reduce the sensation of jet leg? Our biological clock can also be “programmed” according to how we act during the day. So, spend a few minutes in the sun right after you reach your final destination. Take the opportunity to take a more leisurely stroll through the city – it is even valid to take a walk around the neighborhood of your accommodation.

Stay hydrated

5 Tips to Avoid the Jet Leg
Who read the post with tips for a more comfortable flight you already know this recommendation well. Hydration of the body is essential to control our pressure and avoid that typical dryness that we feel in the mouth. And no drinking too much soda or alcoholic beverages, in? In such cases, water is our best friend.

First most relaxed day

5 Tips to Avoid the Jet Leg
I already mentioned this tip in another topic, but it doesn’t hurt to reinforce the suggestion, right? Long flights are always tiring, even for first class travelers. After all, it is not easy to spend hours with little space to get around and sleep in not so comfortable positions.
So, plan the first day’s schedule with very light and quiet walks. In addition to walking around the neighborhood, as I said above, it is interesting to explore the local shops and try typical local foods.


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