5 Tips to Enjoy the Extended Holiday at Carnival

5 Tips to Enjoy the Extended Holiday at Carnival

Not everyone enjoys the Carnival to fall into the revelry of blocks and parades. Still, those days off should be put to good use. Because, there are few times in the year that we have long holidays like this.
For those who don’t plan to travel, here are some suggestions for things and tours to do during those days. They are a good way to
escape the hustle and bustle and make the holiday more productive ?

Visit new places

5 Tips to Enjoy the Extended Holiday at Carnival
No matter how small your city is, there will always be a little corner yet unexplored and little known to you. In addition, it is also possible to visit the surrounding regions and stroll without a defined route – at least for one day.
Experiences like this are unique and end up being unforgettable. After all, we don’t always have time to go to a new place and dedicate a few hours just to get to know him.

Discover different restaurants

5 Tips to Enjoy the Extended Holiday at Carnival
Nothing better than spending the holiday tasting new flavors, right? Here in São Paulo, for example, there are plenty of options for restaurants and cafes with delicious food.
Try to get out of the obvious and go to a restaurant with a style of cooking that you’re not used to, you know? Food has the power to transport us to different destinations and from any part of the world. So take your chances without fear!
If you want to walk your pet, take a look at this list of places that accept our four-legged friends.

Go to a different park

5 Tips to Enjoy the Extended Holiday at Carnival
With a routine as hectic as the one we have today, we don’t have the habit of going to the park to walk or rest. Therefore, book at least one day of the holiday to discover a green area different from your city.
And if you already know all the existing parks where you live, dare to plan. Have a picnic, practice yoga, invite friends to play ball or even board games. Everything is valid, according to the profile of each person.

Spa day

5 Tips to Enjoy the Extended Holiday at Carnival
If your intention to enjoy the extended holiday to relax as much as you can, bet on a Spa day. It can be done in your own home, dedicating a whole day to take care of your skin and well being.
For those who are willing to spend a little money, it is worth going to a professional spa. In addition to body care, they also often offer massages and other incredible treatments. We have already made two lists of the best spas in
Sao Paulo and do Rio de Janeiro.

Organize your home or work environment

5 Tips to Enjoy the Extended Holiday at Carnival
Do you still have free time during the holiday? So, take the time to give that good organized in your home. Try to separate some items that are no longer suitable for you and that can be donated or sold.
Take the opportunity to organize your work tasks, so that you have more hours of rest during the week. As I always tell you, planning and organization are two things that always go hand in hand!
Excited for the holiday? And, for those who decide to travel at the last minute, I recommend that you take a look at the post with
10 Brazilian destinations to know this year ?

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