5 tips to enjoy the holiday at home
5 tips to enjoy the holiday at home

5 tips to enjoy the holiday at home

Who doesn’t love a long holiday close to the holidays, right? Well, I know that many of you, like me, will enjoy these 3 days without traveling, but there is no reason to be discouraged! You can really enjoy this holiday in the best place in the world: our home!
Do not believe? How about taking a look at these 3 tips?

Films and / or series

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Who doesn’t love watching a good movie at home, eating amazing popcorn with the people you love the most? How about a Netflix series marathon? Seriously, there is nothing better than a good “cinema” session at home to relax – here on the blog I give some tips on the movies and series I love most (just click here).

Cooking for friends

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If your goal is to rest, there are thousands of super easy recipes for snacks and incredible sweets for you to make and receive the crowd at home. How about homemade mini burgers? A delicious and fried joint? If the day is hot, who knows, you might risk a mango sorbet? There are so many simple and delicious recipes to try on a holiday!


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As you know, our daily lives are so busy. So we ended up putting aside our favorite books and giving preference to studies and work. How about rereading the book you loved as a teenager or going to the bookstore and reading that book you’ve been wanting to read for years !?

Beauty day

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No time (or money) to go to a spa? Is the salon closed? No desperation !! There’s nothing better than discovering homemade recipes to take care of your hair, body and face! Stop by the pharmacies, markets and stores today to buy the beauty items you need to have your spa day at home! Exfoliation, moisturizing hair, doing nails, testing a new cream … There are so many options that it is even difficult to choose some of them to do on holiday!

Organize the closet

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We always let a lot of things accumulate throughout the year! The holidays are coming and there is no better time to do that clean than now! It is very important to review the pieces you no longer use, donate to those in need and free up the space you can in the wardrobes. We ALWAYS have more than what we need and it doesn’t cost anything to do a good deed at the end of the year!

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