5 tips to enlarge the room

5 tips to enlarge the room

Those who love decoration, but have a small space, end up suffering a lot for not being able to put all the pieces and furniture they want, right? Only this is not true! The only difference is that those who have a smaller environment need to optimize the space and use some tips to enlarge it.
I have separated 5 great tips for you to make your room look bigger!


enlarge-small-room-dani-noce-1 Photo 1 – Sedayedoost / Photo 2 – Pop Sugar / Photo 3 – Jahabadib

Mirrors are great solutions to enlarge! There are so many options that it is difficult to define one that works more, since everything depends on the environment you want to build. You can put a piece on the entire wall and leave the room very modern and sophisticated, you can also place the mirror behind a bookcase or choose more daring and unique pieces (as in the photos).
I really like to mix several mirrors with aged frames, because they leave the atmosphere very vintage and special – in addition to being able to mine incredible pieces at fairs and thrift stores for a great price.

High shelves

enlarge-small-room-dani-noce-2 Photo 1 – Decoration / Photo 2 – Coupon / Photo 3 – Female Observatory

If the room is narrow, nothing better than enjoying the right foot. Don’t be afraid to put the pieces up there! In addition to being super functional, the shelves help to create a more cozy environment and look great in light colors.

Natural light

expand-small-room-dani-noce-3 Photo 1 and 2 – Apartment Therapy / Photo 3 – Ifralahell

No lighting is better than natural light. If you are lucky enough to have a window in your room, enjoy !! The bigger the better. Choose to install lighter curtains and blinds – if you have a television, also add blackout curtains.

Light walls and floors

expand-small-room-dani-noce-4 Photo 1 – Casa Haus / Photo 2 – Bright Bazaar / Photo 3 – Smart Furniture

Color is everything. If the wall or floor is too dark, the environment becomes heavier. So, when the intention is to enlarge, there is nothing better than white and neutral colors. Everything is cleaner and you can dare the accessories!

Striped rugs

expand-small-room-dani-noce-5 Photo 1 – Lovin Blog / Photo 2 – Athomein Love / Photo 3 – Skonahem Blog

Stripes magnify everything! I find a striped rugs thanks! The carpets with black and white stripes are more funky and modern; the more neutral tones make the room sophisticated.

Now just use the tips and make your room big and beautiful!

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