5 tips to make Valentine's Day more fun |  Inspirations
5 tips to make valentines day more fun inspirations

5 tips to make Valentine’s Day more fun | Inspirations

Valentine’s Day is a much loved date celebrated in several countries on February 14, but in Brazil it is not very common. It is almost as if it were our Valentine’s Day, the difference is that in addition to giving a gift to your boyfriend / girlfriend, you also give gifts to friends you love, parents and the most special people in your life.
As I really like this date and it is already close I will leave some inspirations here so you can have fun and give gifts to others.
1. Gift wrapping
Make a beautiful package with 3D hearts made with great care for you. To see the full post, click here!


2. Shoes
Making your shoes much more romantic has never been easier. What about? Click to read the post!
3. Invitation
Putting together a more than special invitation for your boyfriend / girlfriend can be something more pleasant and romantic than buying a ready-made one. Click here to see how you do it!
4. Nails
For the most passionate, painting your nails in a romantic way can help inspire you.

5. Present
A great gift is to do something yourself. These vases are easy to find and you can customize as you like. Besides, it’s already a test for the future to know if your boyfriend doesn’t let the succulents die ?

Did you like this type of post? And how are you going to celebrate Valentine’s Day?
MUUUAHHH and until next time!

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