5 Tips to Save on International Travel

5 Tips to Save on International Travel

International travel always ends up being more expensive. For that reason, we spent more time counting the pennies to make the dream come true. Although we really have to control ourselves and do a lot of research to save money, this is not an impossible task.
With that in mind, we have selected some tips that can be applied before and during the trip. If you manage to put at least some of them into practice, you are already saving a good amount of money!

Choose the time and destination well

5 Tips to Save on International Travel
You are already tired of knowing that the choice of destination and the time of year directly interfere in the final cost of the trip. Therefore, this decision needs to be made with great care and attention.
Regarding the time of year, for example, research on the rain incidence and how busy the place is. During the High season, for example, prices are high. However, not everyone can escape these more expensive periods. If this is your situation, try to save on other aspects of the trip.
Another important fact is to stay connected in the currency quote destination. Buy it little by little so you don’t weigh too much in your pocket.


5 Tips to Save on International Travel
Like plane tickets they are usually the factor that most make a trip more expensive. For this reason, always keep an eye on promotions and research the values ​​daily – always using an anonymous tab. When we use the browser in its normal version, the algorithm ends up delivering our data to the sites that sell tickets. Consequently, the values ​​tend to increase.
Some of the sites and apps that can help you save on your ticket are SkyScanner, The Kayak it’s the Top Destinations. Activate their notification and do not lose sight of any promotion. Keep searching until you find a good value!

Search about the itinerary before

5 Tips to Save on International Travel
For everything to happen within the conformities, it takes a lot planning. That is, do not leave anything for the last hour. By doing research on the Internet, you will be able to know if there is any type of card for tourists entitled to entry to museums, for example. In Amsterdam, you can choose between two cards: the I Amsterdam City Card and Holland Pass. Each of them entitles you to several attractions in the city!
Also, try to buy the tours you want to do before you travel. That way, you won’t have to deal with expenses like this when you arrive at your destination. And be sure to add several free tours, OK? Try to go beyond postcards and experience the city as a local ?


5 Tips to Save on International Travel
Like tickets, accommodation takes most of our money away. However, nowadays there are several accommodation options that go beyond the traditional hotel. In fact, we’ve already done a special post about this.
Considering all the alternative forms of accommodation, just choose the one that best matches your travel style. Among the main options are the Hostel it’s the Airbnb, both economical and as good as a hotel.
NOTE: be sure to be aware of the location of the accommodation. There’s no point in saving on accommodation, but spending hours on transportation to get close to attractions, right?


5 Tips to Save on International Travel
I guess most of you already know that restaurants in tourist areas are more expensive, don’t you? To avoid spending more money than necessary on food, look for local establishments and stay on streets a little further away.
Depending on the country and city you are in, it is interesting to even stop by a market and do some snacks in the hotel room. They can serve as a lunch as well as a stronger afternoon snack.
Oh, and nothing to go out of fate and buy everything you see ahead, in? Control spending and get more out of experiences ?

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