5 Travel Apps So You Don’t Get Lost More

5 Travel Apps So You Don't Get Lost More

One of the biggest problems for every traveler in a different city or country is the location. After all, it is difficult to know which is the best route, the ideal type of transport or how early we must leave the accommodation to get to a certain place.
With that in mind, we made a small selection with five travel apps that will save your life! They are all great for viewing maps, knowing where bus stops are, and even understanding subway / train lines. Ready to write down the tips?


5 Travel Apps So You Don't Get Lost More

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If you intend to take only public transport to get around the destination, download now the Moovit! In addition to plotting the best routes, the app also offers the option to track your entire route. This way, he can warn you when you get off the bus, for example – as well as pointing out the other points you passed.
To test its efficiency, it is possible to use it here in Brazil. By doing this, you already get an idea of ​​how it works ?


Maps.me has virtually all the benefits of

Google Maps. The difference with this application is that everything can be accessed off. That is, if in an emergency you run out of internet, just open the app and be happy.
Another very interesting function is the possibility to mark the points you want to visit. Even without internet, it is possible to follow the routes he indicates. Oh, and you can also search for establishments near each region. If you want to know the name of some restaurants in a certain area, just search.


5 Travel Apps So You Don't Get Lost More

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Like Moovit, CityMapper is a great app for anyone who depends on public transportation. Unfortunately, it does not serve a wide variety of cities and countries. Still, it is worth downloading if you go to one of the places where it works. New York and Los Angeles, for example, are two of the cities registered in the app.
It’s nice to have CityMapper on your phone because it gives you real-time information about transportation. If any bus or train lines stop working, it will show on the home screen. Knowing these updates, you can quickly trace another route and escape problems ?


We don’t even need to talk much about the

Waze, right? The application is super used here in Brazil, and it also works in several other countries worldwide. In addition to tracing the route for those who are driving, he also tries to escape the traffic, headlights and other problems on the route that may “slow you down”. For anyone planning to rent a car in another country, for example, it is essential.

AllSubway and aMetro

Focused especially on the subway, the AllSubway (iPhone) it’s the aMetro (Android) they are perfect for viewing the map of metro stations in other cities. We are often lost amid so many colors and names, so it is important to have easy access to maps. You can be sure that with them you will have a much easier way of getting around the places!


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