5 tricks for a perfect ponytail

5 tricks for a perfect ponytail

The ponytail is a super practical hairstyle that almost everyone wears on a daily basis – especially on a summer like ours! In addition to being simple, the look can have several types of finishes and I put 5 amazing tricks for you to test:



Photo – Irrelephant Blog

I loved that idea for low ponytails. Seeing it ready, you can’t imagine that it is super simple to do! The cool thing is to leave the hair with a little texture to last longer, so you can use a dry shampoo or some product especially for texturing – those for beach waves are perfect!



Picture – BuzzFeed

Two clips can make all the difference! Those who have very straight, thin and / or heavy hair may suffer to make it more straight. The tip is simple and makes the hairstyle much more beautiful!



Photo – Free People

Now that my hair is shorter, sometimes I miss the long ponytail. The tip is super simple and brilliant: just make two tails at different heights. You can attach one right down there to make the look even longer!



Picture – Cosmopolitan

Once again the staples appear as salvation! Do you have an event at night, but didn’t have time to wash your hair or go to the salon? This is a simple solution and makes the finishing of the hairstyle much more sophisticated. In addition, this tip is perfect to make the top bulky!



Picture – Cosmopolitan

Braids are great to enhance the look! Use and abuse side braids on your next ponytail. It’s a very simple tip that makes the look much more feminine and romantic!

How about testing some of these super simple tips?

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