5 tricks to mark the eyes

5 tricks to mark the eyes

Anyone who uses eyeliner or pencil every day knows the importance of these items. If you only use it at parties or more formal appointments I’m sure you will notice the difference it makes. There are several ways to mark the look and I have separated 5 ways for you to test!
1 – The classic

Picture – makeupbyclair.wordpress.com

The kitten eyeliner has been unbeatable since the 60s. There are several variations of colors and size of the “tail”. Longer ones look great at parties and clubs, as it marks the eye well and draws a lot of attention. The short and thin ones can be used every day: they look up and take that sleepy face off early!
2 – The practical

Picture – vogue.com

If you are not very skilled with traditional eyeliner (liquid), you can use the pencil. Blurring a little, the outline is not so evident and you can hide small errors. If you want you can also pass the upper and lower waterline to score a little more
3- The illuminator

Picture – shopstyle.com

To “open” the eye, the white pencil is ideal! If you want to use it in the inner corner, the effect is even better – just be careful not to forget to blend it later. This is a great option for those who have small eyes and live in fear of wearing makeup. The product can also be used in the waterline!
4 – The colorful

Picture – dasmariasblog.com

The eyeliner or pencil can be any shade you want! You can make a thin layer with the black eyeliner and use another colored one on top – the effect is amazing like the one in the photo. If you prefer not to dare so much, you can apply close to the lower lashes which also looks great.
5 – or shocking

Picture – butterfliesnacarteira.com.br

If you like it and are already used to using the product, it is possible to make it more impactful. When using the product to mark the concave, the makeup is more dramatic! You will certainly not go unnoticed.
I’m dying to test everyone! And you?

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