5 vegetable products to test now!

5 vegetable products to test now!

I’m a fan of plant products! In addition to being more sustainable and everything you already know, they are sooo good! They are usually much less aggressive, both for skin and hair, and have a lighter and smoother texture – great for those with more sensitivity.
I already wanted to tell you some of my favorite products and it’s time for my top 5 beauty products of plant origin:

  1. Assorted Pure Exfoliating Vegetable Bar Soap | Natura Ekos.
  2. Vegetable Collagen Shampoo and Conditioner for Brittle and Dull Hair | Phytoervas
  3. Soothing Vegetable Soap | Multi Vegetal
  4. Granaderma Facial Make-Up Remover | Granado
  5. Shea Butter Body Moisturizer | Yves Rocher

These items are indispensable to have beautiful and, above all, healthy skin and hair! You can alternate products with stronger ones and more intense hydration – because it is important to change the shampoo and creams from time to time.
I hope you enjoyed it and try at least one of them! A great cost benefit!

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