5 Versatile Bags You Should Have

5 Versatile Bags You Should Have

It is undeniable that a good quality bag will last a lifetime, but let’s agree that no one needs dozens of options to fill the closet, right?
I confess to you that I have been enjoying this accessory more and more, but if you like a more compact and yet super functional wardrobe, I can guarantee you don’t need more than 5 models.


5 Versatile Bags You Should Have

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It can be bag style or more structured, everything depends on your style. However, we always have those moments when we need a very big model to carry the whole house, haha ​​? Neutral colors, like black or caramel, work very well in those moments.


5 Versatile Bags You Should Have

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It works day, night, in casual looks, more elegant… Versatility defines! Choose a more classic model, smooth or even matelasse, with chain handles that have no mistake.
This is that piece that will never go out of style and will always compose your looks, believe me. And if I could tell you to invest more in a quality model, it would definitely be this one.


5 Versatile Bags You Should Have

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Did a last-minute party come up, be it a wedding or a bib? Go on the metallic clutch. The models in silver or old gold work on the most varied occasions and, if I were you, I would invest in a model with that thin metal chain ?
I swear you don’t need more than that for special occasions, after all, what’s the use of having thousands of “party bags” and only using them from time to time?


5 Versatile Bags You Should Have

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Everyone has their favorite model and mine may not be the same as yours. I, for example, like clutchs much more than any other bag and so I invest in fun models to vary the look.
Now, if you are one of those, you always have a medium handbag on your shoulder, I think it’s worth investing in a colorful, printed option or even with a different texture. In summary, take that model you use most and invest in a different version.


5 Versatile Bags You Should Have

Photo: Sincerely Jules via Pinterest

As much as you have a more sophisticated style and think you will never wear a backpack, know that it will be needed at some point. Currently, you can find versions for all tastes: sporty, modern transparent, leather… No excuse ?


5 Versatile Bags You Should Have
1- The scholarship at Dafiti – R $ 249.00
2- BITTER – R $ 139.90
3- AMARO – R $ 109.90
4- Capodarte at Dafiti – R $ 390.00
5- Le Lis Blanc at Farfetch – R $ 460.00
6- Luiza Barcelos at Farfetch – R $ 400.00
7- Protection at Farfetch – R $ 490.00
8- AMARO – R $ 139.90
9- Rincawesky at Dafiti – R $ 214.90
10- Dumond at Zattini – R $ 489.90

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