5 ways to decorate and organize with wood

5 ways to decorate and organize with wood

Madeira brings that pleasant warmth home and can be the ideal element for decorations of all styles: from the most minimalist to the most classic and traditional. I came to show that the material does not always need to be present in the decoration in the same way, on the floors or on tables – besides being beautiful, the wooden pieces can also become very functional ?

Different and very useful mirror


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Anyone who has vanity as a characteristic is well aware of the lack of a full-length mirror. I already have mine here at home, but if I hadn’t, I would definitely look for something in that more minimalist style.
In addition to the piece of light wood to make the environment more cool and relaxing, the small silver plates are very practical for leaving the objects and products we use when leaving the house. Perfumes, sunglasses, bags and accessories can become part of the decor!

A simple ladder


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