5 Ways to Value Your Shelves
5 ways to value your shelves

5 Ways to Value Your Shelves

Are you one of those people who love to exhibit their books, collections and significant objects in the decoration? If your answer was yes, shelves and shelves are certainly not lacking (or should not be missing) in your home. You know that I am practically a collector of kitchen utensils and accessories, so I have some knowledge on the subject.
Of course, just putting the pieces on a few loose bows is an excellent way to organize your items and decorate the environment, but have you thought about highlighting these pieces? There are several ways to do this and I decided to share 5 of my favorites with you ?


Photo: Domino

Is there a simpler, more delicate and charming solution than that? I dare say no! A different painting, like the one in circular gradient, is such an easy idea to put into practice, but it has an incredible visual effect on the environment.
For an even greater impact, it is worth painting both the shelves and the wall.


Photos: ttdaid via Pinterest and Homedit

Indirect lighting is an excellent ally in cozy and intimate environments. The LED strips positioned just above or below the shelves create a wonderful and sophisticated effect in the decoration.
For those who have a wall with books, for example, this is an excellent option.


The French hand, which gives all the support for the shelf, can work as a great decorative element. You can bet on different and more geometric models, as well as on classics painted in different colors.


Photos: Apt. 34 via BlogLovin ‘and Burkatron

In addition to French hands, there are some other types of supports on the market. Ropes, steel cables and leather straps, for example, can be great adornments. It’s a delicate and charming way to make the shelf stand out, right?


Photo: Hege in France

Finally, I couldn’t stop talking about the panels. Just as the painting highlights the entire area where the shelves are attached, the panels fulfill the same function. The difference is due to the mixture of textures that gives even more personality to the environment.
So, do you have any other tips to enhance these pieces?

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