50 shades of wine

50 shades of wine

The lipstick wine is one of those democratic! There are hundreds of variations, of all prices and for all tastes. The scale of tones ranges from the most open (almost red) to the tight (pulling to brown or purple).
In addition to the color variation, the texture also changes a lot: glossy, dull, creamy, glossy or matte. I really like the closed and very opaque tones, but the more vibrant ones look great with a “wet” look.

Photo 1 – Vogue / Photo 2 – Moodi / Photo 3 – Glamor

Best of all, wine lipstick looks great on all skin tones and lip shapes. It draws attention in the right measure and completes the look in the best possible way!
I made a selection with different lipsticks in this shade and a pencil to help with the contour – use and abuse it in the more formal events to avoid dripping. Prices and colors vary, but I guarantee they are great options!

  1. Avon Color: Amora Matte
  2. Marc Jacobs | Color: Saboteur
  3. MAC | Color: Nightmoth
  4. Vult Color: 02
  5. Contains 1 g | Color: Savana Mate

Are you convinced that you need one of those in the bag for yesterday?

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