6 Classic Childhood Cakes

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Growing is inevitable, we already know that! But we can always take a little piece of our childhood with us! or remember it with recipes that we grew up delighting; D
After all, that child don’t you love a cupcake ?! And adults undoubtedly also love to eat a warm and fresh cupcake and remember nostalgic moments.
Ah! THE Cornmeal cake is one of those that comes to mind first when we think of nostalgic recipes ; D But this version with Guava paste it is even better and will leave your home all fragrant!
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Remember is living! And there is no better way to remember that time innocent and simpler than with a Carrot cake with chocolate!
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Every child has eaten at least once this WELL deliciousness chocolatuda! This cookie is unforgettable and delicious! And it has that face of birthday cake ;OF Nega Maluca it’s unbeatable!
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Ah! No mistake, the best memories always comes up with a mouthful of this wonder, the Prestige cake! And of course, one piece is never enough!
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This recipe is perfect for that warmth and a special birthday! THE Ice Cream Cake With Brigadeiro pleases anyone and remembers childhood because of ice cream and Brigadeiro! Want better combination? ; D
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Birthdays with this delight were always more delicious! More chocolaty and happy like Brigadeiro cake, that Brazilian sweetie It is one of sweets most loved here; D
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