6 Delicious Ingredients That Match Apple

6 Delicious Ingredients That Match Apple

With a fruity flavor and a multitude of combinations with other fruits and spices, the apple is that type of product that everyone loves. Those who like healthier snacks, for example, can delight the fruit even with its peel.
So, as we talk about the main combinations with bananas, it’s time to talk about the apple! Curious about the main ingredients that go with the fruit?


Apple pie
It is impossible not to start this list by talking about cinnamon! The spice is super fragrant and its slightly earthy flavor combines perfectly with the smooth acidity of the apple. Complementing the flavor of the caramelized banana with cinnamon, for example, is the cat’s jump to give a special touch to the candy. Another way to put it into practice is to make this wonderful Apple pie ?


Apple strudel
Cloves, like cinnamon, harmonize very well with the flavor of the apple. Anyone who notices recipe spices, for example, will almost always see that it accompanies cinnamon. A good example of this is the classic Apple strudel, which takes cloves, cinnamon, nutmeg.


blueberry muffin

Photo: Kitchen Trials

Nothing prevents you from mixing fruit when preparing a recipe. For that reason, don’t be afraid to join in the same dessert apple and blueberries. Although the two ingredients have contrasting flavors, they complement each other with a bite of a cake or tart.

Salted caramel

salted caramel pie
Who doesn’t love a good salted caramel? The creaminess of this preparation combines very well with roasted or reduced apples with some type of drink, for example. In the case of

apple pie and salted caramel, the flavors are integrated by a delicious meringue brûlée. Oh, and the base is toasted almonds to give it an even more special flavor.


Nut Cake

Photo: Handle The Heat

To give crispness to apple recipes, bet on pieces of walnuts! To give you an idea of ​​how to use the ingredients in the right measure, I recommend that you take a look at this recipe apple cake with nuts and spices. In addition to being super fluffy, the dough is fragrant and perfect to accompany a good coffee.


crispy apple with hazelnut

Photo: A Beautiful Plate

The function of hazelnut in apple recipes is very similar to that of walnuts. It is great for giving crispness and adding extra flavor to any preparation you make. Of course, a good hazelnut cream is also wonderful, but this is a more obvious choice ?


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