6 Delicious Wedding Cake Recipes
6 delicious wedding cake recipes

6 Delicious Wedding Cake Recipes

A little while ago I told you the wedding cake story, which starts there in Ancient Rome. Until arriving these days a lot has changed, including the flavors, textures and decorations.
To inspire anyone who is scheduled for a wedding or prepares cakes for these dates, I have selected seven incredible recipes! The decoration of each of them needs to be adapted, but for that detail just use your creativity ?

Wedding Cake

One of the most traditional masses at wedding parties is undoubtedly that of nuts. In addition to the oilseed giving a special flavor, the color of the cake is beautiful and super different. In this recipe, I opted for a dulce de leche and spice syrup filling. Can you resist?
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Strawberry and champagne truffle cake

Who there loves strawberry too? To make the dessert a little more refined, I decided to combine the fruity flavor with the acidity of the champagne. It goes very well with the occasion and the slices of cake are wonderful.
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Pineapple cake

Summer weddings pair well with pineapple cakes. In addition to the dessert being refreshing, the candy is light and gives space for other snacks in that same footprint.
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Cake 3 mousses

Couples who want very colorful cakes, but still discreet, do not have to think twice before choosing the 3 mousses cake as the main dessert! The flavors of the filling are simply delicious: strawberry, lemongrass and passion fruit. Perfect ❤️
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Chocolate cake with pear

Chocoholic people who don’t give up the ingredient even on their wedding day can bet on this chocolate cake with pear. The caramelized fruit with spices is a delight and will surprise the guests.
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Prestige cake

Another classic combination that is also very tasty for cakes is prestige. It is impossible not to love coconut with chocolate, so this is a very sure flavor option.
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And if you want to see me preparing a REAL wedding cake just click here! Spoiler alert: it was for my best friend’s wedding, so it was sooooo special ❤️

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