6 Items That Cannot Be Out Of Your Summer Necessaire

6 Items That Cannot Be Out Of Your Summer Necessaire

Summer is already showing up and with it comes the end of the year holidays. After months of working, studying, or doing both at the same time, it’s finally time to relax! Taking advantage of this time off, many people end up traveling to enjoy the hot days.
With the sun brighter, shining for longer, our body asks for extra care and attention. So, I made this list with some of the essential items for your summer necessaire. It doesn’t matter if it’s a beach, country or city, these wildcards can’t be left out ?


6 Items That Cannot Be Out Of Your Summer Necessaire
I know that everyone talks about sunscreen, but we always need to reinforce the information of how important it is. In fact, sunscreen should be used at all times of the year, because even on more closed days, UVA and UVB rays continue to exist and are harmful. In addition to the relationship between sun exposure and skin cancer, our skin also ends up aging faster!
Don’t forget to reapply the protector every hour, especially after a bath in the pool or the sea. If your skin is oily, just choose a protector with drier coverage and without oil. Normal and mixed skins usually get along with sunscreen lotion or gel-cream texture.

Lip balm

6 Items That Cannot Be Out Of Your Summer Necessaire
Often forgotten by us, the lips also deserve protection from the sun’s rays. In addition to leaving that part of the face more hydrated, lip balms with solar factor they take good care of this very delicate region. Oh, and if you’ve always complained about chapped or peeled lips, try to keep your lips well hydrated throughout the day. I promise that this care is miraculous ?

Micellar water and thermal water

6 Items That Cannot Be Out Of Your Summer Necessaire
After a day filling the face with creams and protectors, nothing better than a micellar water to clean the skin. In addition to functioning as a cleaning product, it also purifies the pores and is not as aggressive as a makeup remover, for example.
Another interesting item to have in the necessaire is the thermal water. It serves both to relax the skin and also moisturize it, in addition to having a formula full of nutrients. For those who usually have a redness after long exposure to the sun, this is a good way to reduce this effect.

Hair care

6 Items That Cannot Be Out Of Your Summer Necessaire
Our locks cannot be left out of summer care! Hair suffers the consequences of several factors at this time of year: sun, sea salt water and chlorine pools. This set of elements ends up leaving our ugly well damaged.
To save your hair and protect it throughout the day, make use of repairing masks, special lines for the summer and creams with sun protection. The let-ins are always welcome, especially those with filters.

Repellent and moisturizer after sun

6 Items That Cannot Be Out Of Your Summer Necessaire
Moisturizing the skin is a daily care, no matter the season. However, just like sunscreen, moisturizers should be used even more after long periods of exposure to the sun. It soothes and nourishes the skin, leaving it healthier (in addition to preventing it from getting all peeled). I recommend a post-sun moisturizer that contains aloe vera or chamomile in the composition, as these are two great elements for our body and face.
Repellents are also indispensable for a summer trip. Those more natural than citronella, for example, are not as effective. But, this is an alternative for those who do not like the more industrialized.

Light makeup

6 Items That Cannot Be Out Of Your Summer Necessaire
Light makeup is the face of summer! The heat makes our bodies sweat faster, making heavier makeups melt in minutes. Considering that, bet on very soft make-up, the ones that leave us with a healthier face without appearing to be too much makeup, you know?
Waterproof eyelash masks are one of the key items for the summer. If you want an even more natural result, colorless masks are a good bet. Instead of using a foundation, opt for a sunscreen with toner, also having a lighter coverage. Other must have are the illuminators, to make our skin even brighter. Bronzing powder and lipsticks are also important, so don’t forget to choose your favorite to be part of the necessary!
Ready to enjoy the summer? I can’t wait to be able to rest and enjoy the days off in peace ?

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