6 things you need to know before you go to Ireland

6 things you need to know before you go to Ireland

Ireland is always among the European countries most sought after by Brazilians, whether for exchanges or for day trips. The country has an incredible and contagious atmosphere – in addition to super friendly residents. It’s that kind of place that makes you feel at home, you know?
The country’s architecture and natural landscapes leave everyone enchanted. Those who enjoy drinking and usually go to pubs to meet friends will also love the place. If you intend to visit Ireland or are just looking for the destination for your trip, you can rest assured. I made a selection of important information about the land of the goblins and I will share all of them with you ?

When to go

6 things you need to know before you go to Ireland

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If you are the tipthat of a person who doesn’t really like rain, I’m warning you to go prepared. No matter when you decide to go, Ireland rains every month of the year. The weather there is pretty crazy, since you can leave the accommodation when it’s sunny and, in the middle of the day, it starts to rain. For that reason, be sure to bring a good raincoat or umbrella, okay?
Their summer happens between May and June and the temperatures do not usually exceed 20 degrees, so always try to walk with a cardigan. The days are longer and perfect for those who want to make the most of the city. Another great time to visit Ireland is between February and April. At that time, spring leaves the climate super pleasant and the city is beautiful.

Getting around the city

6 things you need to know before you go to Ireland

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The car is the best way to get to know the country if you prefer a more guaranteed and comfortable transport. Renting a vehicle pays off mainly if you want to get to know various parts of the country and not just Dublin, Belfast or other larger cities. For you to know everything you need to rent a car abroad, just click here.
However, it is not impossible to travel through Ireland using only public transport. Buses and trains are great and fares very affordable. It is important that you always carry change, because the buses have no collector and the driver will not give you the necessary change!


6 things you need to know before you go to Ireland

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Most traditional Irish cuisine is based on potatoes. It is made in several possible ways and appeals to all tastes. It is also not difficult to find vegetarian or vegan food there, since most of the dishes are only made with vegetables.
Among the most common dishes is fish and chips and colcannon, which is a kind of mashed potato mixed with garlic and cabbage. The coddle is another darling of the Irish. It is basically a stew of pork sausage, bacon, potatoes, chopped onions and parsley. Be sure to try Irish Coffee, a blend of coffee, Irish whiskey, sugar and whipped cream.


6 things you need to know before you go to Ireland

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It is nothing new to anyone that Irish people like pubs. The tradition is so common that it is practically impossible for you to walk there without going through at least two pubs. The country’s residents use these places as a meeting place – of course, taking advantage of the pint of beer.
Each pint is 500ml, so if you’re not used to drinking, take it easy. It is an incredible experience, especially if you go with company to have fun with the locals.

Tax-free shopping

6 things you need to know before you go to Ireland

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It may seem like a dream to shop without paying taxes, but in Ireland this is possible. The service is called Tax Free and is only valid for people who are not European. At the time of purchase you pay the fees. Then, just ask for a tax exemption form and deliver the paper to the Tax Free World Wide at the airport.
Also be sure to get proof of purchase. They also ask you to present the goods purchased at the time of delivering the form, so it is better to take it with you to ensure that everything will work out, right?

Ryan Air

6 things you need to know before you go to Ireland

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Good news for those who like to save money and want to visit countries close to Ireland! The airline Ryan Air, which is Irish, offers the cheapest tickets for traveling within Europe. They follow a low cost concept, so don’t expect super comfortable seats and delicious food. Their proposal is a cheap and comfortable trip for people who want to travel in Europe without having to pay a lot of money!
As Brazilians do not need a visa to travel in Ireland if they are staying less than 90 days, many people add the country to their European travel itinerary. Ireland is much more than stereotypes, so it surprises people who travel there for the first time. If you know more interesting information about there, be sure to comment here ?

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