6 Tips to Pack Your Suitcase Without Error

6 Tips to Pack Your Suitcase Without Error

When it’s about suitcase, you are part of which group: the one who tidies up weeks before because of anxiety, or leaves everything for the last hour? Regardless of the answer, be aware that both types of people can make a few mistakes when organizing luggage.
Since we are here to help, we think of simple and practical suggestions for everyone to get it right when packing. Some tips are very basic, but many people end up forgetting them because they are small details ?

Make a list

6 Tips to Pack Your Suitcase Without Error

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Before separating any item, sit somewhere and think about everything you need to take. Keep writing things down on paper or on your cell phone’s notepad, creating a list of what you can’t miss in your luggage.
To make sure you remember everything, take a look at ready lists on the internet or ask family and friends what they would take. We often forget basic objects, like a hairbrush or pajamas. With the complete list, this is unlikely to happen.

Choose the right bag

6 Tips to Pack Your Suitcase Without Error
A good suitcase is usually expensive, but it is a good investment. Especially because it will last for years and can be used on every trip you take. As we explained to you in another post, you must first decide the material of the suitcase. At rigid end up being more resistant and less malleable. Those who usually travel with equipment and things that break, for example, give preference to her. At fabric bags, however, they usually have a larger space and can adjust to the amount of things you intend to take.
In addition, another detail that we need to pay attention to is the wheels of the luggage. Those with just two wheels are good, but not very functional. For this reason, choose those that have a
360º rotation. Oh, and be careful with the size and weight of the suitcase, okay? Cheap airline flights usually also limit the size of checked baggage.
NOTE: the weight of the suitcase is one of our biggest problems – both on the way and on the way back. To avoid mischief, take a
portable scale with you to be able to weigh your luggage before going to the airport.

Pharmacy and necessaire

6 Tips to Pack Your Suitcase Without Error

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Small items are the easiest to forget, so make a note of all the products you need to bring. In a necessaire, set up a small pharmacy, taking the most common remedies (such as for headache and colic). If you take any medication for continuous use, be sure to keep the prescription too!
In another bag, organize the makeup and cosmetics you want to use throughout your trip. Sunscreen, makeup remover and a good lip balm are some of the mandatory items. In fact, here on the website you can find a complete text with everything that cannot be missing in your summer necessaire.


6 Tips to Pack Your Suitcase Without Error

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Have you ever imagined arriving in a city or country and realizing that you forgot to bring underwear or pajamas? This situation ends up being very common, because we don’t think about it very much when we are setting up looks to go. So, given message: don’t forget to take these pieces!
If you are used to an exercise routine, pack some
gym clothes. Do not forget that these pieces can also be used to compose a Look with a more sporty footprint.
For those who have no idea what to bring with regards to clothes and accessories, I recommend this post with
wildcard parts to have in your suitcase ?

Organize well

6 Tips to Pack Your Suitcase Without Error

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AN suitcase organization it is undoubtedly one of the biggest problems for everyone. After all, how do we make everything we need to fit into such a small space? And, even worse, keep those clothes, bags and shoes organized? Even though it seems impossible, this task is super executable.
First of all, it is necessary to limit a use for each compartment of the suitcase. To make viewing easier, also buy some organizer bags. Clothes, for example, can be folded into roll shapes! If you’re interested in seeing a full post about it,
click here.

Don’t forget your hand luggage

6 Tips to Pack Your Suitcase Without Error
After giving so many tips on the luggage that will be checked, it’s time to talk about the handbag! It is just as important as all the others, so don’t let it go.
In this luggage, you will need at least one

change clothes and underwear. Some mini products are also essential, such as a pot of shampoo and conditioner. You never know when your bag may be lost, so be forewarned.


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