6 tips with which everyone can guarantee to motivate themselves to exercise
6 tips with which everyone can guarantee to motivate themselves

6 tips with which everyone can guarantee to motivate themselves to exercise

Do you have the feeling that everyone else is constantly doing sports and is constantly motivated? Maybe you’ve tried a few things, but it won’t work that well for you. You can only achieve sporting success if you stick with it, but of course that is not always easy … Here you can find out how it is guaranteed to work.

Everyone now knows: Sport is healthy and good for us humans. But this knowledge alone does not necessarily make us stand up from the sofa. Above all, sport involves one thing: exertion. Not only do you have to leave your comfort zone, but also get active and make an effort. While some people do not even start because they are completely lacking motivation, other people start full of motivation and then break off again at some point because the motivation drops. However, both groups can work to ensure that they stay tuned and that motivation remains.

With Marians Welt Inside you will find out which mistakes you shouldn’t make and how it can work with motivation!

The 3 Biggest Mistakes Why It Doesn’t Work

There can be many reasons why you are lacking motivation and why you don’t stick with it all the time. However, some errors occur in many cases, so I would now like to cover the three most common errors.

Inner beliefs

What do you associate with the sport you want to do? That is an important question of principle. Let’s say you want to start jogging. If you now see people panting right in front of your inner eye who look like anything but fun, then that is not a particularly great motivation. Perhaps you have internalized statements like “Sport is murder”. All of these negative connections with exercise that you have ingrained as a belief system deeply weaken your motivation. Therefore, you first have to be clear about what your inner being is saying about the topic. If these are mainly negative thoughts, then it is important to change them into positive thoughts. For example, you can question your beliefs and see where they come from. In the next step you can then change them and change them into positive beliefs.

Unrealistic goals

Another big mistake is an unrealistic goal. Many people start full of motivation and have set themselves an unrealistic goal. If they then notice that they (cannot) achieve their goal, motivation decreases and disappointment spreads. Often they do not even realize that the goal was simply too unrealistic, e.g. B. it was too big for too short a period. It is therefore important to set realistic goals that can also be easily checked.

Lack of self-discipline

Some people have more, some less self-discipline. The greater your self-discipline, the better you will be able to motivate yourself for certain things and the more successful you will be in many areas of life. The good news here is that it is not an innate trait, it can be learned. You can promote it, for example, by structuring your everyday life, setting yourself realistic goals and surrounding yourself with people who show a lot of self-discipline. Self-discipline and motivation go hand in hand, but both are learning processes that happen gradually.

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With these 6 tips you will find motivation

The big question now is: how do you stay motivated? With these six tips it will work better with the sport in your everyday life!

Realistic goals

As already mentioned with the mistakes: realistic goals are important for your motivation! Make sure that your goal is defined as precisely as possible. In addition, it has to be realistic and measurable. Set an exact date by when you want to reach the goal. If your goal is big – and it may be – then break it down into sub-goals. With every partial goal achieved, your motivation is increased even more and the way to the overall goal becomes easier!

role models

Find at least one role model that motivates you. This role model can be a star, but also someone close to you or on social media. It is important that there is a good role model that motivates you again and again when you need motivation!


Routines are habits that we do every day without really thinking about it, such as brushing our teeth. We have repeated this process so many times in our lives that we do it automatically. Routines make life a lot easier because we no longer have to worry about these activities – they become a habit. You can train yourself to good routines and train yourself off bad routines. The only important thing is that you stick with it and pull it off for a certain period of time. If you want to integrate exercise into your life as a routine, then you have to stick with it for at least two months – then exercise will become a habit in your life.

Fellow campaigners

A path is always easier to create together than alone. Find a colleague with whom you can achieve your goal together. If you can’t find anyone, you can, for example, fall back on sports courses or running groups – you are never alone. Not only is it more fun together, but you can also motivate each other.


Pick a sport that you enjoy. You can be creative, because there is so much more than “just” running, cycling or going to the gym. When you’ve found a sport that you really enjoy and that you’re looking forward to, motivation will come naturally.


It’s a simple concept of reward, but it works. Reward yourself for the performance you have achieved after each sub-goal. As a reward, however, you shouldn’t take anything that throws you back in your overall goal.

Now you know which mistakes lead to the permanent motivation not working and how you can do it better! However, it is important to say: at some point everyone is demotivated and that is completely okay. It just depends on whether you can then overcome your inner weaker self and get up to sport or not. The more you develop your self-discipline, the less trouble you will have with it. If it works out well for a while, but then your motivation drops again, ask yourself why it is and revise your goals if necessary. After that, the motivation may look a little different again – good luck!

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