7 anxiety teas that help control tension and stress
7 anxiety teas that help control tension and stress

7 anxiety teas that help control tension and stress

In times of great voltage, days agitated or simply to create a peaceful ritual before you go to sleep, some anxiety teas are great alternatives. There is a multitude of possibilities for varying the flavor on a daily basis. You can choose some sweets, others softer or even try combinations and discover new flavors. This is because besides being natural, teas are delicious.
But first of all, we have a very important point: teas act in the body in the same way as medicines. Therefore, when we are talking about chemical substances, although natural, it is necessary to be careful about their intake. That is, if the teas are soothing, are more suitable for when going to sleep or for times of stress – in addition, they should be consumed in balance with other teas that can boost your energy. Nobody wants to fall asleep around, do they?
Knowing this, we go to a list that we have prepared with 7 anxiety teas that help control tension in these toughest moments. Enjoy and create a very ritualistic moment, grab some cookies, light an incense and put on some relaxing music ?


The famous one of the soothing anxiety teas is the chamomile! The infusion, which is made from dried flowers, decreases the flow of thought, relaxing and making everything lighter. It also has several other benefits, such as relief from gastrointestinal disorders that are often caused by stress. In addition, it also helps in relieving eye irritation and wounds. Anyway, it is a tranquilizer that can act on the body and mind.

Photo: RYAN VU at Unsplash


THE Melissa, or lemongrass, like chamomile, calms and relaxes the body and mind, but in a different way. Melissa also acts detoxifying and improves sleep quality. It is great to take just before bed and has a milder flavor.

Photo: Amelia Lawrence / Apartment Therapy


This herb is a little more versatile! THE lemon grass, in addition to calming, acting against insomnia and intestinal gases, it is also indicated in cases of flu and fever because it has anti-inflammatory action. Try the tea with a slice of lemon, it looks amazing ?

Photo: Tarladalal


THE lavender or lavender, when used in essential oils, has antiseptic and calming properties. For infusions, like tea for anxiety, the effect is similar. There is an improvement to organize thoughts, it has antidepressant effect, it controls anxiety and, of course, they are delicious.

Photo: Heather Ford in Unsplash


Everyone must have heard that the passion fruit it’s a natural tranquilizer, right? THE leaf, when infused, also has the same property. It acts directly on body tensions, relaxing and treating headaches, colic and insomnia.

Photo: A living proof


Mulungu it is not as well known as the others mentioned and it is also much stronger and should be used sparingly. It has the ability to regulate the heartbeat and decrease the pressure, so it is important to consult your doctor before tasting.

Photo: Etsy


Another herb that is also not very famous but that can also be used in many preparations, the valerian. It is very similar to mulungu, with a sedative effect, and it is not as tasty as the first ones. Therefore, it is used only in more severe cases of insomnia and stress. Be careful, start with the weaker ones.

Photo: Nootriment

Do you also enjoy teas and are curious to learn more? We highly recommend Instituto Chá’s profile on Instagram (@institutocha). Dani Lieuthier, creator of the Institute, was a collaborator here on the site and you can check some of her posts by clicking here and here ?

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