7 Aviation Trivia You Always Wanted To Know!

7 Aviation Trivia You Always Wanted To Know!

We live traveling by plane, but without knowing some background about the flight and the crew. So, after gathering my doubts with those you sent me on Instagram, I created a TOP 7 curiosities about aviation. Come find out where our number one and number two are going?

Where is the best place to sit in economy class?

On top of the wing, because it rocks a lot less. Depending on the airline, it is also possible to buy seats with larger legroom. In the case of LATAM, just choose LATAM +. And to make it even more comfortable, fold the backrest for the head of the chair! I show you how to do this in the video airplane tour.

Is a Brazilian plane Brazilian territory?

Yes! The laws in force on the plane remain Brazilian, even when it is already in other territory. That is, if something happens inside the plane at the time of takeoff, the laws of our country will be applied.
7 Aviation Trivia You Always Wanted To Know!

Has anyone been born during a flight?

Yes too! There are an average of two births per year. Flight attendants are even prepared to carry out labor.

Where’s the kitchen on the plane?

In a space called guys! Depending on the size of the aircraft, there can be up to three kitchens, all equipped with ovens to heat food and space to store that cart where flight attendants take all food and drink.

Where do flight attendants sleep?

In a sarcophagus! Despite the very peculiar name, employees have a reserved space to take a nap in a bed located on the top of the plane. Inside it has a seat belt, a mirror and an intercom to maintain communication.

Where do our needs go?

They are all in a reservoir at the back of the aircraft with chemicals that dissolve everything that falls inside. Afterwards, all wishes are discarded in a sewer system as soon as the plane lands! It’s very similar to the motorhome layout, so if you want to understand it better just click here.
7 Aviation Trivia You Always Wanted To Know!

And if nobody puts the phone in airplane mode, what happens?

Falling the plane does not fall, but it can interfere with the commander’s control panel! In addition to being a distraction, it is an additional concern for someone who is already plundered to fly a plane with up to 410 people inside.
So, do you want to know more? Take a look at the video we recorded for you!

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