7 Delicious Flavors of Butter Cream

7 Delicious Flavors of Butter Cream

One of the most traditional and tasty toppings for cakes is the buttercream, or rather, the butter cream. In addition to making the outside of the dessert beautiful, it is not nauseating like an American paste, for example.
To make the butter cream taste even better, it is possible to add some ingredients that make the recipe richer. Taking this into account, we selected seven types of creams with different flavors – choose which one you prefer and surprise everyone with an unctuous and flavorful topping.

Traditional butter cream

If you’ve never prepared buttercream, start with the basics. For classic buttercream, you will only need butter, egg whites and sugar. If you have questions about how to get the point right, just take a look in this post.
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galaxy cake

Nest milk butter cream

One of the most loved ingredients by everyone is nest milk. Therefore, he could not be left out of our list! When adding the nest milk in the butter cream, the texture of the topping changes and becomes a little thicker. However, this is not a negative feature – especially if you are looking for something that does not melt so easily.
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Powdered milk cake

Pomegranate butter cream

To give a lighter flavor to your buttercream, how about adding some pomegranate juice? This topping goes very well with cakes that have fruity flavors!
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pomegranate cake

Ovomalt butter creamine

Just like nest milk, ovomaltine is a chocolate acclaimed by the public. In addition to the butter cream being very chocolatudo, it also gains a contrast of textures with the pieces of ovomaltine chocolate. Who was there with mouth water just to imagine?
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maltine egg milkshake

Dulce de leche butter cream

Have you ever imagined making a butter cream with a sweet milk flavor? This wonderfulness exists and can be tasted by your taste. Just follow the recipe step-by-step and also make a delicious cake that matches the icing.
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Indian Cake

Butter cream flavored with vanilla

Much like the buttercream classic, the flavored version of vanilla goes with any dessert – from chocolatudas to others with fruit.
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vanilla cake

Photo: Baker’s Medley

Salted caramel butter cream

Salted caramel is that kind of sweet addictive and unforgettable. So, to enjoy this delicious combination, also make a butter cream full of flavor. The point may be a little more difficult to reach, but nothing that patience does not solve ?
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vanilla cake
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