7 Desserts with Different Shapes to Surprise Everyone!

7 Desserts with Different Shapes to Surprise Everyone!

Truth be told: desserts are even more appetizing when the presentation catches our eye. After all, who here never bought a dessert because it seemed to be delicious?
Thinking about it, we also cannot deny that the shape of the sweets is another super important feature. For this reason, we made a selection with seven desserts full of flavor and with special sizes and models ?

Milkshake cake

Better than a cake and a milkshake – a milkshake cake! The coverage and mass of this delight takes ovomaltine, which is one of our greatest passions.
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milkshake cake

Cake number

The number cake is a classic, but this version is even better. The cookie dough brings incredible crunch and the icing comes with the necessary lightness to our palate. Finishing the dessert, red berries to give a fruity and acid touch.
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number cake

Giant donuts

Who ever imagined tasting a giant donut? Even though it is a little difficult to make, this delight serves at least 30 people. In addition, the final result of the recipe is simply wonderful.
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Pinata heart cake

For people who like to be surprised, the pinata cake is the perfect dessert. Although our version has a heart shape, you can make the model you want. Inside, the confectionery also varies according to the customer’s preference ?
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pinata cake

Alaska brownie

How about serving the Neapolitan classic in a different way? This is the proposal of the Alaskan brownie: a brownie tart filled with lots of ice cream and pieces of cherry that give an incredible freshness to the dessert.
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alaska brownie

Soft chocolate egg

Playing with the appearance of the ingredients is also always welcome. In this case, the little chocolate egg is filled with ricotta cream and condensed milk, in addition to a yellow fruit jelly.
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soft egg

Churros bowl

The traditional churros pasta can be served in other formats, such as this crunchy and flavorful bowl. Taking advantage of the shape of the candy, one or two scoops of ice cream to make everything even tastier.
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bowl of churros
Did you like the ideas? If you have already tried some at home, be sure to comment here!

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