7 Destinations Everyone Should Know

7 Destinations Everyone Should Know

Vivid colors always bring us a feeling of inexplicable joy and happiness, right? Therefore, some places are known precisely for being super colorful. People from all over the world come to them for a walk, take pictures and enjoy the colors in the midst of cities so gray.
So, if you feel like visiting some of these places, here is a list of the seven most colorful destinations in the world! In addition to having beautiful memories, you can be sure that you will have incredible experiences.

The little way

7 Destinations Everyone Should Know

Photo: Travel the world and the seven seas via Pinterest

One of the most colorful corners of good air: The little way! The architecture and colors of the place make this vibrant region always busy. As it is a very touristy part of the city, the restaurants and shops around La Boca end up being a little more expensive. Anyway, it is worth strolling through the neighborhood in the late afternoon.
The houses are typical of Italian immigrants, painted in colors so varied because they used the paint left over from workshops. Enjoy the tour to learn a little more about the history of Buenos Aires ?

Death Valey

7 Destinations Everyone Should Know
Deserts and paradisiacal settings are not the first things that come to mind when we think of the United States. Even so, the country also has surreal landscapes, such as the

death Valey.
Located in the Mojave Desert, the mountains formed by ancient volcanoes have acquired different shades over the years. This happened both because of the local temperature and also because of the salts and minerals that make up these rock formations. Incredible, right? And to find exactly where the mountains are, just look for
Artist Palette, within the Death Valley itself.

Puerto Rico

7 Destinations Everyone Should Know

Photo: Robert V. Ruggiero

Known for its colorful houses, the region of Old San Juan is one of the most charming in Puerto Rico. The architecture of this part of the city is super authentic and keeps a lot about the history of the area, which was once a colony of Spain. For those who like to visit craft shops, be sure to visit those in Old San Juan ?

Notting hill

7 Destinations Everyone Should Know

Photo: The Style Scribe

Another destination famous for its colorful houses and charming architecture is Notting hill, In London! In addition to the colors making that place incredible, the region is surrounded by super nice and cozy shops and cafes.
Set aside at least an hour and a half of your day to walk the streets and, of course, take some pictures amid so many colors and pastels! Even if you are just passing through the city, be sure to explore the classic scenery
A place called Notting Hill.

Old hull

7 Destinations Everyone Should Know

Photo: @ marcelo.rimoldi

The colors by Old hull they are a little more timid, but they are still super present in the neighborhood. As we explained in the post about the most amazing neighborhoods in Panama, the region is interesting both during the day and at night. The colonial architecture is super charming and with old buildings that keep part of the local culture and history.

Cape Town

7 Destinations Everyone Should Know

Photo: Arno Smit

Almost always considered one of the most colorful places in the world, Cape Town it is vibrant and full of life. The colors there are not concentrated in a single neighborhood, as is the case with many destinations. Strolling the beach Muizenberg, for example, it is possible to walk and enjoy the colorful houses along part of the shore.
The neighborhood of
Superior Cable it is another special corner in the city. In this case, the colonial houses resemble destinations like Notting Hill and El Caminito. The streets in the region are very narrow and with a very present Islamic culture. It’s very different and authentic ?

San Francisco

7 Destinations Everyone Should Know

Photo: California Feelings

Who has always dreamed of going to San Francisco you must have heard of the Victorian houses on Alamo Square. Built between 1892 and 1896, the famous Painted Ladies are full of charm and personality.
For people who like architecture or want to know a different neighborhood in the city, this is a region that deserves at least half a day to be explored. Oh, and if you want to have an idea of ​​tours to do there, just take a look at our
screenplay by San Francisco.
It’s really hard to choose a single destination like that to visit, right?

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