7 documentaries on veganism to watch and rethink consumption
7 documentaries on veganism to watch and rethink consumption

7 documentaries on veganism to watch and rethink consumption

If you made it to this post it is because you must have started wondering about the consumption of products of animal origin, right? There are many data regarding the growth of the vegetarianism and veganism in Brazil and around the world. A survey by IBOPE (2018) stated that at least 14% of Brazilians consider themselves vegetarian, for example.
But regardless of the data, the fact is that if you pay attention to your social networks, circle of friends and other groups, you will notice that the discussion about conscious food consumption and consequently vegetarianism and veganism is very common.
Still, why are we talking about so much? And why many people have decided stop eating meat, milk, eggs and use other products of animal origin? To better explain all these points, there are many documentaries on veganism and we list 7 of them, separated by categories or approaches, that can direct the discussion. Choose the one that most calls your attention and enjoy!
Ah, everyone has the link to watch online ?

Cowspiracy, to think about the environment

This is perhaps one of the most well-known documentaries on veganism. The main point that Cowspiracy brings about environmental degradation and how the production of food of animal origin is one of the biggest causes of deforestation, pollution and problems related to the environment.
To watch, click here: Cowspiracy.

Photo: Disclosure

Live and let live, about the love of animals

The documentary tells the story of 6 people who gave up their old routines to consider veganism. Respondents have different stories and different reasons for this. What unites them is their relationship with the cause. The entire film is commented on by experts who bring up an explanation about the feeling of animals and how we place ourselves morally above them.
To watch, click here: Live and let live.

Photo: Live and let live

What the Health and Forks Over Knives, to question health

If you want to understand a little more about how the consumption of animal products can affect your health, these documentaries are for you. The documentary filmmaker What Health presents many studies that point out the relationship between meat and diseases, such as diabetes and cancer. Everything, of course, accompanied by doctors, scientists and other professionals.
To watch, click here:
What Health.

Photo: Carles Rabada no Unsplash

The second, Forks on knives, shows the experiences of some people who changed their diet to vegetarianism, the significant differences in their routines and also questions the use of processed foods in different areas.
To watch, click here:
Forks on knives.

Photo: Ursula Spaulding at Unsplash

Earthlings in industry

For fans of Joaquin Phoenix, it is worth mentioning that this documentary is narrated by him, who is also a vegan and activist for the cause. In this film, what is questioned and revealed is the relationship between the food and animal products industry. It is important to remember that you need to be strong to watch these images – some are very heavy and impactful.
To watch, click here:

Photo: Anastasia Chepinska in Unsplash

Vegucated, almost on reality show

This is one of those easier to watch, after all, it tells the lives of three people in love with meat and cheese who decided to adopt a vegan diet as to experiment. Thus, it is interesting to observe how they deal with this new way of looking at food.
To watch, click here: Vegucated.

Photo: Hermes Rivera in Unsplash

Carne é Fraca, a Brazilian documentary

Last but not least, The meat is weak – a documentary Brazilian about veganism. There is not exactly a focus in this film, after all it deals with many parts of the vegan cause. In any case, it addresses a lot about the impacts on health, animal life and the environment. This, like the Terrans, is not so easy to watch because it contains very strong images.
To watch, click here: The meat is weak.

Photo: Iva Rajović in Unsplash

So, what were you most interested in? There are many aspects to veganism, so we hope that some of them are relevant to you. And, in time, a great profile in the Instagram to debate the causes and the situation in Brazil is the @foodsaudavelpratodos, super recommended ?

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