7 Easy Recipes to Make at Lunch
7 easy recipes to make at lunch

7 Easy Recipes to Make at Lunch

In the rush of our routine, we do not always have time to prepare a more complex lunch or full of side dishes. But that doesn’t mean you have to eat the classic instant noodles or order a delivery.
That’s because there are several simple recipe options that require little time to make and yet create delicious lunches. Some even yield several portions that can be frozen and heated throughout the week. To help you with some ideas, we’ve selected
seven easy recipes and perfect especially for the busiest days ?


No, you don’t have to spend hours preparing a dough to have your homemade pizza! This simpler version of the dish depends only on a good mix of ingredients with the help of a blender and the best: it is ready in less than half an hour.
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More good news: the traditional bacon and macaroni that we are used to ordering in restaurants takes about 20 minutes to get ready and takes very few ingredients. Of course, the preparation requires a little more technique to avoid turning into scrambled egg noodles, but I promise that following the step-by-step instructions will be all right.
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Arboreal rice, mushrooms, spices and water just right. There are no secrets in preparing a good risotto. To make the rice grain very smooth, remember to stir the ingredients all the time and add the water gradually ?
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The typical recipe for family lunches: chicken fricassee! To make this delight even more creamy, how about beating corn, cream cheese and sour cream in a blender? We will tell you the trick in the complete recipe!
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Although many people find omelets a bit dull, nothing prevents us from increasing the recipe with some fillings. Side dishes such as cheese, onions or vegetables can be placed to fry with the egg or separately, forming a kind of “burrito”.
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The world’s favorite vegetable: potato! It cannot be denied that this is one of the most versatile ingredients in cooking and here it yields a delicious lunch for those who also love au gratin dishes.
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Chess chicken is one of the classics of Chinese cuisine, with its differential being the soy sauce that involves not only animal protein, but also vegetables and other ingredients of the preparation. It may seem like a complicated recipe, but here we show how all the processes are and I promise that it is much simpler than you imagined.
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Ready to prepare a very tasty lunch? Then comment here which recipe you liked best ?

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