7 Free Things to Do in New York

7 Free Things to Do in New York

Saving a little money during international trips is always a joy. After all, it is not easy to pay for tours, food and transportation in a more expensive currency than ours. For this reason, we will share with you seven free tours in new york! The city is usually very friendly, so enjoy everything you can do without spending a lot ?

Bryant Park Yoga

7 Free Things to Do in New York

Photo: Ostap Senyuk

How about taking an outdoor yoga class at Bryant Park? Unfortunately, these classes only take place during a few months of the year. So, keep an eye on park website to be able to guarantee registration. Anyone who doesn’t have a rug can arrive about 30 minutes before class and borrow one ?

High line

7 Free Things to Do in New York

Photo: Dana Berez

Walking the High Line has already become a must-see among people visiting NY. In other words, you also cannot leave out this incredible place. As we explained in the post with tips on where to take beautiful photos in New York, the park was built in a space where an old train line used to work. For this reason, some trails are apparent in the structure of the site.
People who love to enjoy the sunset will also love to see this phenomenon of nature in this part of the city. The tracks are golden and the famous one Golden hour yields amazing photos!

Staten Island Ferry

7 Free Things to Do in New York

Photo: Stéphan Valentin

For those who would like a different view of New York, the Staten Island Ferry is the perfect tour. The short ride between Manhattan and Staten Island is quiet and very pleasant, even for those who don’t usually feel good on ferries or boats.
As this is a well-known tour, be sure to arrive in advance to get a good seat in the outside area of ​​the ferry. This part of the boat is the ideal place to have a wonderful view of the island of Manhattan.

Chelsea Galleries

7 Free Things to Do in New York

Photo: @charlesroyle

We couldn’t help talking a little bit about art on that list, right? Chelsea Galleries is actually a name that encompasses several New York art galleries. Virtually all of them are free and show the newest features of artists in the region. Depending on the exhibition, it is also possible to appreciate works by international artists.
To keep you from getting too lost, here are some of the most visited gallery names: Andrew Kreps Gallery, Jack Shainman Gallery, Garth Greenan Gallery and Alexander Gray Associates. Try to go on at least two of them!

Roosevelt Island Tram

7 Free Things to Do in New York

Photo: Dan Gold

Although not 100% free, the cable car ride that links Manhattan to Roosevelt is a delight. For those who have the unlimited metro card, the ticket is free. However, those who do not have this card pay the price of a metro fare. The view from the cable car is beautiful, the kind that leave you sighing with love!

Brooklyn Brewery

7 Free Things to Do in New York

Photo: @brooklynbrewery

Beer-loving folks can take the time in New York to take a tour of the Brooklyn Brewery, a super famous beer brand there. Tours on weekends are free and usually happen every half hour!
As it is a free activity, the queues are almost always long. Therefore, always arrive early to guarantee entry. We are sure that you will love to know this environment with a super modern industrial footprint and taste tasty beers ?

New York Public Library

7 Free Things to Do in New York

Photo: @purzlbaum

I know that libraries are not used to everyone’s walking style, but no one should miss the New York Public Library. The interior of this place is beautiful, worthy of movie sets, you know?
Oh, and it’s important to note that the unit we’re referring to here is Bryant Park! She is the most famous of all – and also the most grandiose. For those who love a good Wi-Fi network, this is also a great place to stay connected for a while.


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