7 Frying Pan Recipes to Do Now!
7 frying pan recipes to do now

7 Frying Pan Recipes to Do Now!

From the same creators of easy blender recipes, a list of delicacies made in the pan! There are days when all we want is sweet and savory, tasty and easy to make, right?
Therefore, we have selected some recipes with a very simple preparation method that only depend on the skillet to be ready.


Yes, it is possible to make a cheese dough in the frying pan! Despite the atypical shape, the cheese flavor is super present and the texture is close to the original.
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A kitchen classic for those looking for something quick to eat: omelet. Here, we complement the eggs with some vegetables and special spices, but you can stuff them with whatever you have at home ?
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American pancakes are always very welcome, whether they are pure or accompanied with some honey or topping. In addition to this more traditional version, here on the site you can also find a option made with yogurt! Just choose which one you prefer and prepare.
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How not to love potatoes? The vegetable is one of the most versatile and beloved that I know, so nothing better than bringing a skillet recipe with it. The rosti potato is also known as potato pizza and, for those who love cheese, this is the perfect recipe.
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There is also a little more elaborate recipe on this list, yes! What makes this chicken special are the peppers and seasoning: they make all the difference. And, of course, everything prepared in our favorite short pot.
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Since we decided to visit other countries through food bringing Chinese chicken, nothing better than talking about falafel. The traditionally Arab recipe is made with chickpeas and spices, as well as sesame to finish.
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Finally, we are going to France with the nutella crepe! To prepare this wonder you will need only five ingredients, nutella being the most different. With milk, eggs, salt, wheat flour and the much-loved hazelnut cream this delight has already become your dessert ?
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Which of these recipes is your favorite? Comment here!

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