7 Gastronomic Destinations Around The World

7 Gastronomic Destinations Around The World

Nothing better than joining two of our greatest passions: travel and gastronomy. For those with these tastes, walks in places with different cuisines are always an adventure. It should even be considered a crime to visit a new country or city without tasting at least one typical dish in the region.
So, for you who consider yourself a foodie or just love getting to know new cultures through food, take advantage of the tips we’ll give you now. Are gastronomic destinations incredible – full of history, aromas, flavors and different textures ?


chickpea nuggets

Photo: Eiliv-Sonas Aceron

Few destinations in the world have surprised us as much as Israel. In addition to being a beautiful country, their typical food is simply divine. To give you an idea, of all the trips we made in 2017, we classify Israel as the destination that foodie Need to know.
Even the restaurants of
fast food they were delicious, as in the case of Moshiko. For those who prefer light and super fresh dishes, it is worth taking a stroll through the I give and at Abu Shukri |. As we already talked about them in the post with best Israel restaurants, we’re not going to go into the description that much. I only say one thing: do not even think twice before putting these places on your script!


carbonara noodles
You should not be surprised to see the

Italy on that list, right? Even though it is a more obvious gastronomic destination, the country could not be left out of our selection. Italian cuisine is so rich and diverse that each region and city has at least one typical dish or dessert – not to mention traditional ingredients.
In Rome, for example, I tasted the best carbonara of my life! Even not consuming meat, the chef of the
restaurant Eggs made a special version with caramelized onions that was incredible. And those who want to know the city cannot fail to taste the pizzas from Bonci Pizzarium Roma. The edge of the dough is super crispy, with a soft middle and filling just right.



Photo: BLAST

Another very classic country when it comes to gastronomy! France is kept in a special corner of my heart because it was where I learned practically everything I know today about confectionery. Therefore, we cannot deny that the French techniques for the preparation of sweets are wonderful.
With regard to snacks, travelers and tourists may also be surprised. Although it is not a typical country dish, it is there that I find the best pizza in the world. For those who want to know, just take a look at the post about the restaurant Babalou. Going beyond the more refined restaurants, I think it is important to emphasize that the street food in Paris is also great. I recommend a visit to In Alain Miam Miam – restaurant “fast food” with one of the biggest sandwiches I’ve ever seen in my life!


Peruvian chicken

Photo: Plating and pairing

In recent years, Peru’s gastronomy has gained more and more prominence. THE Central restaurant, for example, is among the best in the world! Whoever intends to travel there needs to try at least one dish of ceviche, which is the darling of many people out there. The dish has become so famous that it is found even in countries far away from South America.
The interesting thing about the country’s cuisine is its variations. Closer to the coast, the most common ingredients are usually fish and seafood. In the more mountainous region, vegetables and fruits end up reigning.



Photo: Jessica To’oto’o

It is practically impossible to speak of countries with outstanding gastronomy without mentioning the Mexico. So here it is. Mexican flavors are super original and authentic, being recognized anywhere on our planet.
Because it is not a cuisine so unknown to us, it may not be so surprising. After all, we already have memories of flavors like chilli, tacos and quesadillas. Anyway, there is nothing like tasting Mexican dishes in the country where they were created.


roll ice cream
Who never heard of the famous

Swiss cheese? This ingredient is super present in the country, especially among restaurants fondue. I confess that I found it a bit complicated to place orders because most places did not have a menu in English or in any other language.
Still, it is that kind of trip that is kept forever as a good experience. In addition to cheese, it is worth trying the chocolates, which are also highly praised around the world. THE
Auer Chocolatier is considered one of the best stores there!



Photo: Hierbabuena Disclosure

Our brothers they must also be recognized for their talent in the kitchen. Argentines are usually well known for the meat made there – tender, juicy and tasty. For those who consume meat, this is a good gastronomic destination.
Among the restaurants of
good air worth visiting are the La Cabrera Parrilla Palermo – to eat an authentic Parrilla – and the Restaurante i Latina Buenos Aires, also known for meat and impeccable service. Oh, and for vegetarians, be sure to visit Hierbabuena. The food there is delicious and the place is cute ?
Did you like the tips? If you have already visited one of these places, be sure to share your experience with us through the comments!

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