7 Incredible Apple Recipes!

7 Incredible Apple Recipes!

Although it is not a fruit with an extremely striking flavor, the Apple it is super versatile and yields delicious sweets. After giving some tips for ingredients that harmonize with the fruitthe time has come to list the best apple recipes!
Oh, and be sure to take advantage of the softness of the flavor to make various combinations with spices and other fruits ?

Salted caramel pie with apple and creme meringue

Among all the apple recipes, this is one of our favorites. In addition to highlighting the fruit, salted caramel and creme meringue add a special touch to the recipe.
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apple pie with salted caramel

Apple strudel

Strudel is one of the most classic recipes when it comes to apples, so try to make this wonderful at least once in your life. The thin dough and the spiced green apple filling make anyone’s mouth water.
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Apple strudel

Apple crumble with spices

Looking for an easy and inexpensive dessert? Apple crumble is the perfect option! The preparations are super simple and the ingredients are also easy to find and have at home ?
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Apple crumble

Pancake with blueberries

For a neat breakfast, nothing better than a good apple pancake with blueberries. The combination is refreshing and ends up being even healthier than the traditional one.
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pancake with blueberries

Integral Galette

Another easy and healthy recipe for you! The full galette is delicious and contains no gluten! In addition, it has nothing of animal origin.
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integral galette

American Apple Pie

American apple pie is undoubtedly one of the most famous recipes on the list. Try to taste this delight while it is still warm, accompanying a neat ball of cream ice cream (or whatever flavor you prefer).
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Apple pie

Whole apple and raisin cake

Some recipes are ideal to accompany a coffee in the afternoon. The whole apple cake with raisins, for example, is one of those sweet wonders.
Complete recipe
Integral Apple Cake
After seeing so many delicious desserts, it is difficult to even choose the first recipe to try at home. What is your favorite?

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