7 Incredible Easter Cake Decorating Ideas!

7 Incredible Easter Cake Decorating Ideas!

Who is there with the preparations in full swing for Easter? This is that time of year when everyone is excited to taste many chocolates and enjoy the sweetest delights to the fullest.
For this reason, we made a super selection with some incredible themed decorating ideas for the cakes. After all, they also deserve to get in the party mood!


This bunny White chocolate it is the ideal ornament for those who want to surprise guests and customers. The difference is in the angle of the bug, which appears to be dipped inside the cake. For the staff that usually receives many children at home, this can be a very interesting and fun Easter decoration.
Oh, and anyone who doesn’t like white chocolate can feel free to do it with the type they prefer. The only secret is in the correct tempering of the ingredient ?

Details with piping nozzle

Even though it is a little more difficult to execute, the decoration with piping nozzle it is simply charming. As much as it is laborious, it is incredible to notice the dedication and precision of the person who does all the beak work.
In the case of Easter, floral elements and a mini basket of chocolate mousse are enough to make the cake themed. Finishing the decor, place some eggs inside the “nest”!

Little sheep in the center

The traditional Easter eggs they are also a very creative and delicious way to finish the cake. I recommend using the smaller versions of the candy, which may even be those industrialized chocolate eggs.
To give them a special touch, make a piece of burnt shredded coconut or a basket of chocolate. Especially because the decor also deserves to be savored.


One of the main images we have in mind when we talk about Easter is rabbits. And, along with them, the carrots! Take advantage that they are in people’s imagination to use them as a decoration item.
Try to buy some with a more delicate shape and cut them very close to the stalk. Then, just place two or three carrots in the corner of the cake – over a very creamy and tasty icing.


How about spreading themed crispy cookies on your cake or pie? Pasta like Ginger biscuit and Cinnamon biscuit, for example, are perfect for this type of decoration. For this, you will only need molds or cookie cutters with shapes that refer to Easter. ?

Special format

I imagine that most already know the famous number cake, right? Enjoy the same step-by-step of the recipe to prepare a “cake” with the shape of a rabbit’s face.
Make sure to finish the dessert with a special beak job, like flowers and other colorful decorations. Depending on the type of cream used, red fruits can perfectly complement the flavor.


Of course, we couldn’t stop talking about rabbit ears! They are another very traditional symbol and are also present in the Easter decoration of sweets. To make the result very simple and delicate, buy a bag of wire wrap and place around it thyme or rosemary.
We hope that these Easter decoration suggestions have been useful for you! And if you have other tips you want to share, just comment ?

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