7 Incredible South American Road Trips

7 Incredible South American Road Trips

Whenever we talk about car trips people immediately think of places far from Brazil, like the United States and Europe. However, South America has incredible roads, with wonderful scenery along them. They are surreal places that are close to us, just waiting to be explored.
Venturing on such different routes requires a lot of will and courage, especially for the least sought after destinations. The condition of the roads is, in most cases, challenging, so you will need to go prepared for any type of unforeseen event. In addition, choosing a suitable car for each tour is essential. Now, let’s go to the suggestions!


7 Incredible South American Road Trips

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To make a very complete trip through Colombia, I recommend that you put at least 4 cities on the itinerary, doing them in the following order: Bogotá, Medellín, Cartagena and San Andrés. Each of these places has a different type of beauty, so try to go in all of them.
Some areas are difficult to travel at night, so try to plan your route when the sky is still clear, taking advantage of the night to rest. So, the next day is reserved to enjoy the city and explore the local culture!

Atacama Desert

7 Incredible South American Road Trips

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One of the most iconic places in Chile is, without a doubt, the Atacama Desert. It is possible to take different routes to get to the place, but they are all incredibly beautiful. The ride may seem challenging, but the paths are usually very smooth. The interesting thing about taking this car tour is that you will be able to enjoy each place within your own time, without following a little flexible planning.
And if you still have doubts as to why visit this place, here is some information. First of all: this is the most arid and highest desert in the world! The landscapes are surreal, and you can even find lakes in such a dry and desert region. The Cordillera do Sal is also another scenario that deserves to be highlighted in your itinerary, with rocky walls and salt on the floor!

Route 40

7 Incredible South American Road Trips

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One of the best known roads for people who want to make travel through Argentina it is Ruta 40. The route passes through the entire Argentine territory, with more than 5,000 kilometers in length. The west side of the country was little explored and was not so easily accessible. For this reason, the government decided to build a road that connected more distant regions to other tourist attractions, such as the case of Bariloche.
Among the landscapes along the route are glaciers, lakes and many mountains. There are 11 provinces, the most popular stopping points being El Chaltén, Moreno Glacier and Cuevas de las Manos. The cities at each end to start and end the trip are usually Bariloche and El Calafate.

Southern Highway

7 Incredible South American Road Trips
Paulo and I traveled the Carretera Austral between 2016 and 2017 and it was one of the most remarkable trips of our lives. The locations were absurdly beautiful, but we went through some difficulties at times. One of them, for example, was when we went on a boat trip on Lake O’Higgins. While we were on the boat, we had to deal with super heavy rain. I confess to you I thought I would die right there! If you are curious to see how that experience went, just see it complete on our channel.
Another detail that cannot be left out of the planning of this trip is the car rental. You will need a 4 × 4 tall car, no use thinking about choosing any other. Not all stretches of the road are paved, so be careful when driving. Oh, and to find some accommodation options along Carretera, click here.

Highway SC-390

7 Incredible South American Road Trips

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I couldn’t leave Brazil off that list, right? The SC-390 highway is for those who are really adventurous. After all, you will have to face a road with more than 280 curves! As it is a very winding route, it is necessary to be very careful all the way. Despite this, the road is wonderful and the landscapes are worth the effort.
The distance is only 15 km, but completing the route ends up taking a little longer due to security conditions. Oh, and this road is so well known that even The Gardian mentioned it in a 2015 article about 10 roads that look like scenic spots!


7 Incredible South American Road Trips

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Uruguay is a charming country, so don’t waste the opportunity to get to know it. All the cities along the route are incredible and will provide unforgettable moments. Montevideo, for example, is the country’s capital and is perfect for those who like to explore the city on foot. Other destinations that deserve to be on the itinerary are Punta del Este and Colonia de Sacramento, which are wonderful places.
It is important to know that to enter the country you will need a visa, which they call there excuse me. It can be picked up at the country’s own border as soon as you pass through customs. Tolls are usually close to the busiest cities, so be prepared to pay an average of 80 pesos per stop.

Interoceanic Highway

7 Incredible South American Road Trips

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Still little known, the Carretera Interoceánica is ideal for people who want to take a road trip to Peru. It is most called by Brazilians for “Estrada do Pacífico”, one of its main stopping points being Cusco. Enjoy being there and be sure to visit Machu Picchu, a classic destination for those visiting the country.
The Brazil – Peru border is not open 24 hours, so try to schedule this ticket between 7 am and 7 pm. Oh, and be careful while driving because you may experience altitude sickness.
What did you think of the script tips? I don’t know about you, but I felt like taking a car now and leaving for one of those destinations!

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