7 Incredible Tips for Organizing Your Kitchen

7 Incredible Tips for Organizing Your Kitchen

There is nothing better than seeing the organized house, right? The environments are more beautiful and day-to-day life is much simpler when we can find what we want with ease.
Such as
kitchen it is one of the most visited rooms by us, it tends to be quite messy. For this reason, we have selected some surefire tips to keep cabinets and space organized!



Photo: Coveteur

We made a post talking only about jars, but it costs nothing to reinforce the idea. They are super functional utensils and look beautiful even in the decoration of the table or in a corner of the kitchen.
As for decoration, the jars are ideal for storing those kitchen items that we use most. Spoons, spatulas and shells, for example, form an interesting arrangement.


glass pots


One of the most common ways of organizing the kitchen is using glass jars. The interior of the cabinet looks beautiful visually, in addition to being very practical to hit the eye and see where a certain ingredient is.
If you want an even bigger organization, just label each of the pots to find out exactly what’s in it. Confectioners, for example, need to identify the types of flour and sugar to prepare each type of recipe!


organizing basket

Photo: Driven by decoration

Another super charming way to make the sink and countertop more organized is using baskets. They can be made of straw, wood or even stainless steel grids. What matters is to be practical and combine with the rest of the environment.
Depending on the shape of the basket, it can be exposed either as part of the decor or inside the cabinets themselves. A suggestion for you, for example, is to use one to store plastic pots, another to store baking sheets and molds and so on …

Wooden crates

wooden crate

Photo: Kendall Jackson

If you like a more rustic decorating style, it’s worth thinking about using wooden crates. The organization of the kitchen is super authentic and the way they will be used depends solely on your creativity. Who often watches channel revenue videos surely remember the wall full of crates that served as a backdrop ?



Photo: Betty Garden

Although they are practically the same thing as the jars, the smaller glasses are more interesting to store spices. For those who have space, it would be nice to even make a drawer with just these jars, making everything even more beautiful.
Oh, and don’t forget to choose containers that have a good seal so that the storage of the ingredient is not impaired!

Grid panel

grid panel

Photo: A beautiful mess

THE grid panel is that kind of super versatile decoration. It looks beautiful in bedrooms, kitchens and even in the living room as a support for vases. In the case of kitchen organization, it serves as support for utensils, sieves, colander and other items that we usually use more in our routine.


organizing basket

Photo: Copy Cat Chic

Towels and tea towels are also located in a special corner of our kitchen. To keep them in a practical and intelligent way, store them in open baskets. This way, it is easy to see where they are and how many are clean. Leave the organizing baskets under the sink or in the closet ?


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