7 National Destinations for Winter Travel

7 National Destinations for Winter Travel

As much as the seasons of the year in Brazil are not very well defined, winter is always the coldest season. So, to enjoy the mild temperature, we look for cozy and warm places. Food and drinks are also part of the package: the warmer the better!
Taking advantage of the natural beauty that our country has to offer, we selected seven incredible destinations to visit during the winter. In addition to being super charming, you will feel welcomed and, as a bonus, eat very well ?

Lawn and Cinnamon


Photo: Jonathan Borba

Gramado is, without a doubt, one of the most classic destinations to visit with mild temperatures. The city is covered by a fog on many days, but when the sun opens, the place is pure charm.
The houses and buildings, all with German and Swiss influences, are charming and yield great photos. Those who love chocolate will also love to visit the local factories and taste the varieties of sweet produced there. Oh, and the classic fondue cannot be left out either.
Two other cities close to Gramado and also worth visiting are Canela and Nova Petrópolis. In Canela, for example, is the famous Cachoeira do Caracol. And in Nova Petrópolis, a wonderful green labyrinth.



Photo: Lucas Vieira

Another very cute city to visit in winter: Cunha! You can tour the entire region in a single weekend, so this is a good option for those who do not have time to spend several days traveling. People who enjoy hiking can book a part of the day to visit the beautiful Serra do Mar State Park.
As for food, two very traditional restaurants in the city are the d’O Gnomo Restaurante & Petiscos it’s the La Taverne Bistro. Their service is always well praised and the menu options are quite varied.

Cambará do Sul

7 National Destinations for Winter Travel

Photo: @moradadoscanyons

The national parks of Serra Geral and Aparados are well known for the classic canyons of the southern region of the country. As they are lighter trails, there is no problem in walking them also in winter. Oh, and valuable information: balloon rides can also be done in this area.
If you plan to visit the site on a special date, consider the Canyons address as hosting. The rooms are absurdly beautiful and the view from the indoor pool is breathtaking.

Campos do Jordão

7 National Destinations for Winter Travel

Photo: Talles Alves

Like Gramado, Campos do Jordão is that type of place that is remembered by everyone when it comes to winter travel. The architecture of the city is beautiful and the restaurants are great, in addition to being in the middle of a wonderful green region.
Ah, and even though it is very small, the city receives one of the biggest winter festivals From Latin America! The event usually happens in July, so plan your trip well ?

Viscount of Mauá

7 National Destinations for Winter Travel

Photo: @dhenyferf

The ideal destination for those who dream of a refuge in the middle of nature. Visconde de Mauá, despite being very popular for its waterfalls and natural pools, is also a great place to go when the temperature drops.
The atmosphere of the city and hotels is always very cozy, making everyone very relaxed and strolling quietly. Vila Maringá, for example, is a very curious walk. Part of it is located in Rio de Janeiro and another in Minas Gerais! In other words, it is an area with influence from both regions.

green Hill

7 National Destinations for Winter Travel

Photo: Explora There

If you plan to take a trip as a couple, Monte Verde may be a good option. Many people call the city “Brazilian Swiss”, because it has delicious and even better cheeses. In addition, the architecture of the place is also very inspired by European models.
Do you want another reason to visit Monte Verde? This region of the country is one of the only ones where the frost phenomenon occurs. So, during the winter, it is common to see the streets and hills covered by a thin layer of ice, leaving everything white.

Bento Gonçalves

7 National Destinations for Winter Travel

Photo: Kelsey Knight

Another destination in the south of the country! Bento Gonçalves is naturally a beautiful place, but in winter it gets even more special. Although not as charming as Gramado, the region is full of charming walks.
Wine enthusiasts will love to visit the wineries, tasting delicious varieties of the drink. In addition, between May and June, the region hosts the Wine Day celebrations, with typical fun events.
Ready to enjoy winter in one of these places?

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