7 Pet Friendly Restaurants and Cafes In São Paulo
7 pet friendly restaurants and cafes in sao paulo

7 Pet Friendly Restaurants and Cafes In São Paulo

Is there anything better than going out to eat with your four-legged companion? For the happiness of all dog parents, more and more spaces are allowing animals to enter. In São Paulo, for example, you find restaurants, cafes and even pet friendly ice cream parlors.
Curious about some of these places? We made a special selection with seven different establishments – all super ready to serve you and your pet.


Photo: @ simply.co

The combination of healthy cuisine with a place that accepts animals makes the Simply one of the best pet friendly restaurants in São Paulo! They are specialized in vegetarian food, so go prepared for colorful dishes with different flavors.
Our puppies can be found in almost all areas of the restaurant, including some internal parts. And, for the convenience of pets, they offer little pots of water so they don’t get thirsty!

Bend Café

Photo: @morgadoisa

Think of a cafe full of delicious desserts! THE Bend Café it’s probably a lot like what you imagined. Besides the space having a super cute decoration, the dogs can stay inside the place. Therefore, the tour is also guaranteed on rainy days. For humans, sweets with a lot of brigadeiro bring that feeling of comfort ?

Bráz Pizzaria

Photo: @brazpizzaria

AN Bráz Pizzeria it has two pet friendly units in São Paulo – Pinheiros and Perdizes. Although they do not offer any special treat to the dogs, the restaurant is very pleasant and the food is always highly praised. Oh, and it is also very easy to go on rainy days – awnings usually protect the entire area occupied by customers well.

Leonardo’s workshops

Photo: @barthoemathilda

What would your pet think of a mango or carrot popsicle? To find out the answer, just stop by Leonardo’s workshops! In addition to being a pet friendly ice cream parlor, they have created special recipes for our four-legged friends to also delight in. And there’s more! The straw used is actually a canine biscuit. Gelatos for humans are also a success ?

Bra.Do Restaurant

THE Bra.Do Restaurant it should be a pet friendly restaurant reference, I swear! In addition to the decor of the place being beautiful and the food wonderful, they really think about the comfort of the pet, you know?
As soon as you arrive with a dog they usually give you a cookie and a paper with the “rules” of the house. That is, your puppy should behave and know how to live with other animals. Larger dogs are also very well accepted there, as long as they also behave ?


Photo: Magali Traveler

Another pet friendly cafe on the list! THE City it also has a healthier and vegetarian footprint. Zucchini noodles, for example, are one of the most requested – and praised – dishes in the house.
You and your pet will need to stay on the café deck, but nothing that gets in the way of the experience. It is a very cozy corner and it is even nice to stay in it to observe the movement of the street.

Coffee Lab

Photo: @coffeelab_br

To close the list with a flourish, another pet friendly cafe to visit with the dog! The environment Coffee Lab it is super fresh and with many plants around, leaving the space super charming and full of personality.
Their main differential is the care with the selection of coffee beans. Therefore, you can consider their coffee as a gourmet type! The meals are also very tasty, perfect for an evening.
Have you separated the guide from the dog? I’m sure they’ll love hanging out with their parents and getting to know new places in the city ?

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