7 Places in Montmartre You Need to Know

7 Places in Montmartre You Need to Know

I have already introduced you to Le Marais and Belleville, two incredible neighborhoods in Paris. Now it’s time to talk about Montmartre, another wonderful and super popular region for tourists visiting the city. The streets are super charming and with many corners full of plants, gardens or flowers.
The neighborhood is at the top of a hill, so you can have a beautiful view of the city depending on where you are. The place is so beautiful and charming that it was even the setting for the recording of the film “The Fabulous Destination of Amélie Poulain”. So that you do not get lost when it comes to setting up your travel itinerary, I selected the main points of Montmartre!

The Sacre-Coeur Basilica

7 Places in Montmartre You Need to Know

Photo: @_janinekris

Located at the top of a hill approximately 130 meters high, Sacré Couer is one of the most popular spots in the neighborhood. The construction is one that impresses you, you know? In total, it is 83 meters high – imagine how huge it is!
Another fact that attracts many tourists there is the dome of the basilica. It has a wonderful view of the city, including the Eiffel Tower. It is worth taking a walk through it, especially if you enjoy landscapes of high places. Ah, very close to the basilica is Rue de Steinkerque. It is full of shops, street vendors and other establishments with cheaper items. It is interesting for you to know a more different side of Paris.

Sinking House of Montmartre

7 Places in Montmartre You Need to Know

Photo: Kkland

One of the things that few people know about is this place that creates an incredible optical illusion. You will need to climb up to the bottom steps of Sacre-Coeur and walk a little to the right to see the house “sink”. Those who enjoy photography cannot fail to stop by this part of the basilica. I find it super interesting to see how a camera and angle game can transform a landscape, so I highly recommend this location ?

Clos Montmartre

7 Places in Montmartre You Need to Know

Photo: @ shley.whitlatch

Paris was once well-known for its numerous hectares of vineyard. However, as time went by these places were replaced by other buildings and the city gained a new face. Although few vineyards have survived, Montmartre still retains a small piece of green from 1933.
This vineyard is not one of the oldest in the city, nor is it one of the largest, not least because it was built by the city to occupy abandoned land. Anyway, it is a super special place. If you are curious to see what a vineyard looks like, this is a good opportunity.

Montmartre Museum

7 Places in Montmartre You Need to Know

Photo: Messy Nessy Chic

People who love art and history cannot miss the Musée de Montmartre. It does not have the largest collection of art in Paris or the most beautiful and important works, but the building itself is a good reason to visit the place. Several renowned artists went through it, mainly to use the place as a meeting point. Among the main names that were there are Renoir, Suzanne Valadon and Émile Bernard. A strong team, right?
The building is the oldest in the entire area of ​​the city, which is why this space is so significant. Around the museum are lovely gardens, you even feel welcomed into the space. Some people even spend hours talking and having lunch there, as it is a very pleasant environment.

Dali space

7 Places in Montmartre You Need to Know

Photo: @melanienewcombe

Espace Dali is a paradise for those who love art and love the works of Salvador Dalí. The exhibition is permanent and brings together super famous works by the artist, such as the sculpture “Profile of Time”, known for being a melting clock, and also the Sofa-lips by Mae West.
As it is a museum with surreal works, it may not be your style of tour. If you want to see a little of the place before deciding whether to go to it or not, just go to the museum’s instagram to see some of the works in the collection ?

The wall of I love you

7 Places in Montmartre You Need to Know

Photo: @justine_cdc

Even knowing that the whole city is photogenic, it is always good to know some special places to guarantee different and beautiful photos. Le Mur des Je t’aime is located at Square Jehan Rictus and is always full of people guaranteeing their photos on the spot.
The blue tiles that decorate the wall are full of written phrases, all of which mean I love you. It is even fun to try to discover the languages ​​of each “I love you”. How many do you think you could identify?

The Moulin Rouge

7 Places in Montmartre You Need to Know

Photo: @laimguiu

It is practically impossible that you have never heard of the Paris cabarets! One of the most famous of them, called Moulin Rouge, is in Montmartre and is part of the itinerary of many people who will visit the region. It was founded in 1889 and what was once a space for “seduction” has become a form of entertainment.
The festive and contagious atmosphere of the place is incredible, so if you have shows and shows and want to get to know the space, don’t miss the opportunity. Tickets are sold in advance and you can book yours on the Moulin Rouge website!
There are so many incredible things in Paris that it is even difficult to choose which places will be included in the itinerary of the trip, right? If you want to know more about Paris and see how our experience there was, just click here ?

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