7 Recipes With Honey To Prepare Now!

7 Recipes With Honey To Prepare Now!

Sweet and full of flavor, the honey is that type of ingredient that, besides being delicious, is very good for our health. In some cases, it can even serve as natural sweetener, replacing industrialized sugar.
In desserts, for example, it is also used for
shine at ganaches, leaving them with an even better texture and appearance. However, this is not the only use of the ingredient within the confectionery universe. With that in mind, we’ve selected seven recipes with honey for everyone to make the most of this wonderful ingredient ?

Honey cake

This honey cake is a typical Russian recipe, with an ultra-creamy filling and layers of buttery pastry that melts in your mouth. Honey shines both in the dough and in the filling, but without letting the dessert become too sweet!
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honey cake

Honey and roma cake

How about the combination of honey and pomegranate? Although not a very common fruit, the pomegranate is delicious and complements the cake very well. Best of all, the recipe is easy and super quick to prepare.
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honey and rome cake

Cappuccino cake

The classic combination of coffee with chocolate and cinnamon is even more delicious in the form of cake. Harmonizing with these flavors, a chocolate syrup with super bright honey and full of flavor.
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cappuccino cake

Dulce de leche donuts

To give a special touch to the traditional recipe, a tablespoon of honey very neat. The dough is sweet and it is impossible to taste a single donut ?
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sweet and milk donuts


We couldn’t stop talking about gingerbread, right? The recipes of this dessert harmonize very well with spices, so take the opportunity to combine flavors and test new combinations.
Honey bread cake | Honey bread | Easter egg stuffed with gingerbread

cake gingerbread

Yogurt pancake

Breakfast can also be tastier. To do this, just prepare very fluffy pancakes and whip up the honey.
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Chocolate cake with honey

To finish the list of recipes with honey, an incredible chocolate cake! Balancing the sweetness of the ingredient, the dark chocolate also appears as the protagonist of the dessert ?
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chocolate cake with honey
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